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Doorbell Cam Capture Drunk Woman Hilariously Mistaking Her Debit Card For Her Mobile

Doorbell Cam Capture Drunk Woman Hilariously Mistaking Her Debit Card For Her Mobile

Hello, this is Dry January calling.

Now the festive season is well and truly behind us (boo!) many of us are attempting to put our drinking habits on a more even keel – with some even considering trying Dry January.

And one woman may be considering putting down the bottle for a bit, after she made a bizarre phone call following a night out.

Watch the video below.

The hilarious footage comes from Aimee Leyden, who had had one too many on a work night out.

Returning home and seeming a little unsteady on her feet, she arrived at her front door and wanted someone inside to let her in.

But instead of reaching for her trusty mobile, Aimee accidentally uses her bank card to call – with the whole thing captured on her Ring doorbell.

Aimee didn't realise she'd picked up the wrong item (

Of course, Aimee didn’t quite notice she was on the ‘phone’ when using her bank card, still asking someone to let her in and waiting patiently outside her front door.

Oh Aimee, hun. Happens to us all.

Of course, Aimee is not the only person to be caught out thanks to a doorbell camera.

A woman left social media in shock after sharing footage recorded by her doorbell camera showing her husband 'cheating' on her.

Doorbell cameras can capture awkward moments on camera (

The high quality black and white video was shared by @kaylie271 and shows her husband exiting their house with a woman before the pair kiss, unaware that their rendezvous has been captured on camera.

The TikTok user also implies that her husband lied to her in order to stay at home to spend time with the unidentified woman seen in the clip.

You can read more about that here.

Doorbell cameras, when not used to catch cheating spouses, have led to debates on social media surrounding privacy issues.

Earlier this year Facebook users had a debate about this very topic after a person shared an image of her neighbour’s camera pointing directly into her backyard.

Featured Image Credit: ContentBible

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