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Woman reveals she spent over £3,000 to marry herself

Woman reveals she spent over £3,000 to marry herself

"Some people buy themselves a bag, some people buy themselves a nice cruise - I gave myself a wedding!"

After wondering if she would ever find a suitable partner to settle down with, one woman decided that enough was enough and chose to instead marry herself.

Danni, a 30-year-old woman from the USA, decided to celebrate the love that she has for herself with a lavish £3,000 ($4,000) wedding that featured nine bridesmaids and even reading her vows in front of a mirror.

Appearing on Dr. Phil's Valentine's Day special episode titled 'Forget You, I'm Marrying Myself', Danni explained how and why she decided to celebrate self love.

30-year-old Danni chose to marry herself in a 'self wedding' costing £3,000.
Dr Phil

In a clip, viewers watched as Danni addressed the camera and revealed that she had given herself a wedding.

The video then showed Danni's family and friends sat outside as they watched her 'marry' herself in front of a mirror, complete with vows.

Danni's friend, who acted as the officiant, then asked her if she 'promised to never give up, give herself grace, and value herself'.

After saying 'I do', Danni then kissed herself in the mirror.

Discussing the need for a 'self wedding', Dr Phil then asked her why the ceremony was so important to her.

Danni explained her ceremony and celebration choices on USA TV on Dr Phil.
Dr Phil

She shared: "I grew up going to weddings my whole life, and I was taught that they were about love, joy, commitment, you know, so I wanted to show that and share that with my family and my friends.

"[I] experienced a lot of traumatic things growing up and in my younger days, and so I didn't always have self-love, I didn't always give myself everything that I needed, and I went on this long therapeutic journey.

"I stopped drinking, stopped having sex, and I said now it's time I went to therapy, it's time to marry myself. I have something that I've never had before, and my cup is full."

Her extravagant wedding also included nine bridesmaids.
Dr Phil

She added: "I overcame a lot of trauma, and it inspired me to marry myself. I realised I wasn't living for myself and this wedding was my chance to start over."

After spending so much on a wedding to herself, Danni knew her decision would draw in some attention from critics, but she wasn't put off.

Even her family first thought she was 'crazy', but soon came round to the idea and called it 'cool'.

The 30-year-old said: "There is no such thing as overdoing celebrating yourself. Some people buy themselves a bag, some people buy themselves a nice cruise - me, I gave myself a wedding!"

Featured Image Credit: Dr Phil

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