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Dad hates his own toddler's name and has already changed it once

Dad hates his own toddler's name and has already changed it once

"This issue has me really stressed"

Naming your child is no easy task, especially when you've got a few ideas and can't decide on just one.

This was the problem for a UK father who said he and his wife were pressured into naming their newborn - and now he's not so sure about their decision.

Taking to Mumsnet, the dad asked for some advice about their daughter, who was 13 months old at the time of posting.

He explained that when his wife was pregnant, he initially wanted to call her Olive after his olive tree.

But just a couple of weeks before the big arrival he thought Maeve was a nice name too.

"When she was born I was torn between the two names," he wrote. "The midwife put pressure on us to name the baby so we named her Maeve.

"Six months on my wife and myself didn't like Maeve because it is one syllable so we changed her name to Mavis Olive.

"My wife loves the name Mavis. I like it more than Maeve but it doesn't really warm to me.

"I really regret not naming her Olive. I love Mavis, she is perfect. I guess I'm worried she might not like her name one day too.

"This issue has me really stressed. Any opinions will be appreciated."

Some parents regret the name they give to their child.

On the plus side, not one of the options made it onto the list of the '100 worst baby names'. But even so, the dad sounds pretty cut up about the situation.

Thankfully, the Mumsnet community were on hand to offer up some comfort and advice, with many telling him to chill.

"Chill out, your wife carried your daughter for nine months, gave birth and loves this name," wrote one. "Relax. It'll grow on you."

Another said: "They are all lovely. She can call herself Olive when she is older if she wants.

Congrats on your baby."

Others suggested the midwife shouldn't have put pressure on the couple, including this person who said: "When DS was born we had no idea of a name.

"The midwife asked if he had a name, I said we have no idea and that was that! Weird for midwives to be putting pressure on."

They added: "Mavis Olive is a perfectly nice name."

And then there were those who reminded the dad of a character who shares the same name as his daughter.

A couple of commenters said the name reminded them of Mavis from Coronation Street.

"Mavis just reminds me of Coronation Street, but I'm old and some names are making a come back," said one.

The actual meaning behind Mavis is beautiful, as it stands for 'songbird' - you never know, maybe she'll end up being a singer when she grows up and this whole naming debacle will finally make sense.

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