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The top 10 baby names parents most regret

The top 10 baby names parents most regret

A list supplied Social Security Administration revealed the top 10 baby names parents most regret in the US.

Picking a name for your newborn baby can be a difficult one for parents and will often bring a lot of deliberation.

Sometimes parents may regret that name choice in later life, but we now know what names are in fact changed the most frequent.

Name consultant (yes, it's a real thing) Stephanie Coffield took to her TikTok account @nameswithsteph to share the lists of the top 10 given names that were later changed.

The list was supplied by the Social Security Administration to the Washington Post earlier this year, with it including name changes in the US only.

The top 10 list showed the most common name changes from 2017 to 2022, which was topped by 'Issac' - the misspelling of Isaac.

Some parents regret the name they give to their child.
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Second was another misspelling, with 'Chole' obviously being a misspelling of the name Chloe.

The two unfortunate mistakes were followed in order by Aidan, Conner, Elliot, Michael, James, Isabella, Sophia and David.

Conner is more commonly spelt 'Connor' but that wasn't discussed as a name spelt wrong in the video.

In the video, Coffield noted: "There’s nothing really uncommon that was a name change.

"Let this be a lesson to look up your child’s name ahead of time."

With those names being changed, comes a new one for that individual person.

So next, the content creator shared the list of the ten names people chose as their new ones, once again supplied by the Social Security Administration.

The list was topped as expected by the correct spellings of Isaac and Chloe in the top two.

That was followed by Sebastian, William, Olivia, Michael, Elijah, Matthew, Connor and Jonathan.

The content creator notes that all these names are popular in the US, so the 'names of regret' were changed into the most popular ones.

Olivia for female and Elijah for male are in the top four most popular US names in their respective lists.

Michael was the only name to appear on both lists - meaning it is one of the most ditched and adopted names in the US.

The list for the most adopted names was also revealed.
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Viewers of the TikTok were shocked to find how parents could spell their child's name so badly wrong and have to force a name change.

One said: "Wait do nurses not like double check the spelling…? “Ma’am are you sure you want to spell ‘Chloe’ like that?'"

A second added: "as a David I'm offended."

Meanwhile, a third said: "See this is why all my kids will have basic boring names, because I can’t spell so it’ll have to be an easy name".

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