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These are the 100 worst-ever baby names

These are the 100 worst-ever baby names

The names are pretty polarising

Choosing what to name your child is no easy task - especially when it involves differing opinions from your partner, parents and in-laws.

So it would be even more disheartening to find that your favourite potential baby name could be ranked as one of the top 100 on the worst-ever list. 

Well, one baby site has come up with a list of just that in a bid to deter parents from choosing from these potentially terrible monikers.

One baby site has come up with a list in a bid to deter parents from choosing from these potentially terrible baby names.

Unsurprisingly, a couple of out-there names like ‘Apple’, ‘L’Oreal’ and ‘Diesel’ have made the cut on the list, which details just under 100 monikers.

Meanwhile, the downright offensive ‘Adolf’ and ‘Lucifer’ have also rightly been made redundant as suitable names to call your baby - I mean, let’s be real, if anyone was seriously considering these names, they probably should re-evaluate their choices.

But even simpler names like ‘Simon’, ‘Alice’ and ‘Tracey’ have also topped the list on Emma’s Diary, which is intended to be a bit of ‘light-hearted fun’ for expectant parents.

'Alice' joined the list for one of the worst baby names.

One of the renounced names, ‘Ahmiracle’, is given to around 800 newborns a year, according to the site, while ‘Mia’ - a name they compare to the abbreviation ‘Missing in action’ - was the 8th most popular name for girls in 2021.

Of course, the site explains that if you love a certain name for your bundle of joy, ‘then you should use it and forget about what anyone else may think.’

Elsewhere, the next extinction-level event is upon us, and thankfully, this one doesn’t include tidal waves or meteors.

A couple of out-there names like ‘Apple’, ‘L’Oreal’ and ‘Diesel’ have been highlighted.

But you can kiss goodbye to Berthas, Nigels and Gillians, because according to new research, those names are barely ever given to babies anymore. 

And if you’re already blessed (or cursed) with one of the above names, you can thank your parents for that.

Here are the worst-ever baby names according to the site:

  1. Alexa
  2. Aliviyah
  3. Alice
  4. Apple
  5. Appaloosa
  6. Arabella
  7. Ahmiracle
  8. Any
  9. Aimee
  10. Baby
  11. Beberly
  12. Blaykelee
  13. Boomquifa
  14. Chardonnay 
  15. Deirdre
  16. Delilah
  17. Elizabreath
  18. Emmi
  19. Ethel
  20. Fanny
  21. Flora
  22. Helga
  23. Hellzel
  24. I’munique
  25. Jerica
  26. Karen
  27. Lana
  28. L’Oreal
  29. Mattel
  30. Maybelline
  31. Mercedes
  32. Merica
  33. Mia
  34. Nevaeh
  35. North
  36. Panthy
  37. Phelony
  38. Precious
  39. Princess
  40. Sassi
  41. Skye
  42. Sidero
  43. Star
  44. Thana
  45. Tracey
  46. Tu Morrow
  47. Varaminta
  48. Vejonica
  49. Yuu
  50. Abaddon
  51. Adolf
  52. Anous
  53. Ajax
  54. Akuji
  55. Arthur
  56. Arlo
  57. Bart
  58. Bear
  59. Bob
  60. Boris
  61. Boss
  62. Brian
  63. Buster
  64. Cannon
  65. Cletus
  66. Champ
  67. Chandler
  68. Danger
  69. Dennis
  70. Dick 
  71. Diesel
  72. Doyle
  73. Ebolah
  74. Edwood
  75. Elmo
  76. Geoffrey
  77. George
  78. Graham
  79. Hitler
  80. Inspektor 
  81. Jax
  82. Jedi
  83. John
  84. Justin
  85. Keeler
  86. Kevin
  87. King
  88. Legend
  89. Louis
  90. Lucifer
  91. Nigel
  92. Sadman
  93. Satan
  94. Simon 
  95. Sonny
  96. Spartacus
  97. Stormy
  98. Yugo

Featured Image Credit: Galyna Tymonko/Chris Rout/Alamy Stock Photo

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