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Couple Praised For Hosting 'Untraditional' Gender Reveal

Couple Praised For Hosting 'Untraditional' Gender Reveal

A couple has been praised on Instagram for daring to be different with their gender reveal!

Gender reveals are part of the parcel of having a baby these days, but one couple has won widespread praise for doing theirs a little differently.

While most couples opt to reveal their baby's assigned gender with either pink for a girl or blue for a boy, this couple decided to opt for a more neutral colour! Watch below:

In a world where our understanding of gender has expanded, this went down a storm on social media after their reveal was shared by its creator Balloons by Butterfly.

The post was captioned with gender neutral green hearts and "A baby boy to cuddle and love."

The video itself shows the happy couple standing in front of a beautiful arrangement of green, gold and white balloons as they burst a gold one with a question mark on the front.

Green powder then falls to the ground as the pair celebrate the news that they are going to be welcoming a boy!

Reacting to the reveal, one Instagram user gushed: "LOVE THE COLOURS."

A second agreed writing: "Love the colour selection" while a third remarked: "I really like that they picked different colours other than blue and pink."

"This is so pretty," observed a fourth, "and YES I agree glad the traditional pink and blue was not used!"

However, while this gender reveal went smoothly, if you've been anywhere near the internet in recent years, you'll know this isn't always the case.

Case in point, Mandy Morgan-Smith, 22, whose mum bought £9 smoke canisters to reveal the gender of her latest addition.

Soon the smoke bombs dramatically reduced visibility.
Kennedy News And Media

The Cardiff native said: "Everything went to plan at first. I was over the moon with it being a girl, but then straight away I was thinking 'oh my god I can't breathe'."

As this picture demonstrates, one heck of a smoke bomb was created by the reveal!

"It just wouldn't stop, it got worse and worse," Mandy said. "We thought it would have died down, it filled up our garden, the neighbour's garden, then right to the third floor of our house.

"My mum was thinking about the kids and making sure they were alright, I just took my daughter and ran in."

Thankfully, the smoke did eventually clear and Mandy was able to continue celebrating with her nearest and dearest.

What do you think of this couple's untraditional gender reveal? Is pink and blue still the way forward or is it better to be different?

One thing's for sure, whatever you chose, it's probably a good idea to avoid cheap smoke canisters...

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@balloonsbybutterfly

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