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Conjoined twins open up about how one of them met her boyfriend

Conjoined twins open up about how one of them met her boyfriend

One of the twins has a boyfriend, while the other is single

A set of conjoined twins have opened up about their lives, including revealing how one twin managed to meet her boyfriend. You can see them talk about their extraordinary lives here:

Carmen and Lupita Andrade, 21, recently took part in a YouTube Ask Me Anything session where they were asked questions by members of the public and spoke frankly about their lives.

The two women explained that they are ‘connected at the torso’ and ‘share a pelvis’, before pointing out that they don’t share a heart or brain.

The women do share a digestive system - but have two stomachs - and share reproductive system, but say that their 'own sides are their own sides' when it comes to physical sensations.

Carmen and Lupita Andrade.

When it comes to their romantic lives, the twins are very different, with Lupita explaining that she is 'asexual and aromantic'.

However, Carmen has been in a relationship with her boyfriend for around 18-months after meeting him on the dating app Hinge.

Carmen said that it had been ‘really awkward’ explaining on the app that she is a conjoined twin, but that she didn’t want to shy away from the truth and had shared a full photograph of herself on her profile.

She explained: "I was obviously going to be transparent about everything.

"It was a learning process for everybody. We obviously had to have a discussion on what boundaries are OK and what aren't."

Without going into too much detail, Carmen then revealed that she and her boyfriend were not sexually intimate.

She went on: "We're not intimate in that way, and he's OK with that.”


When asked if she’d ever consider getting married, Carmen said she felt a little too young to be thinking that far ahead, given that she’s only 21.

But she added: "Whoever I'm currently dating, or in the future might be dating, I'd prefer to be life partners than actual marriage.”

For now the pair are focusing on their careers, having been to agricultural school - Lupita says she wants to become a vet assistant while Carmen will be a vet technician.

They currently volunteer at a vet clinic and work at a goat farm - with Carmen saying they enjoy working with animals because ‘they don’t judge and they’d don’t speak so they can’t say rude things’ or make comments on how they look.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/andrade_glupe

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