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TikTok showing woman surprising her husband by taking his name at her graduation ceremony sparks debate

TikTok showing woman surprising her husband by taking his name at her graduation ceremony sparks debate

Children are at the centre of the debate unfolding on TikTok after the video went viral

A video on TikTok showing a woman surprise her husband at her graduation ceremony has gone viral for a very surprising reason.

The clip, which has accumulated over 3 million views as of Saturday (10 June), focuses on a husband’s reaction to his wife’s name change.

Posted by TikTok user @hshtglawyerd, the video has the caption: “I told my husband I wasn't going to change my last name in the Army because its such a hassle. But then I decided this is worth the hassle.”

The husband can be seen gleefully filming the graduation ceremony and his shocked reaction is captured as the speaker reads his wife’s new name aloud.

The unfortunate gesture has been overshadowed by a particular detail in the clip.

The husband's reaction to the name change was filmed and shared on TikTok.

Despite the video focusing on the emotional surprise, viewers were distracted by a number of children crying in the background.

It’s not unusual for children to make a fuss during a big public gathering it seems that the sound of children complaining or crying appears to be unbearable for some.

There are countless stories of people whining about children making noise on planes and brides and grooms banning kids from their wedding ceremonies because of this exact reason.

The video from the graduation ceremony has seemingly triggered lots of people who are declaring that children should be banned from attending these kind of events altogether.

Meanwhile, some commenters are using the video as a reminder for why they are planning to ban children from other ceremonies as well.

“Prime example of why I won’t have children allowed at my wedding,” one comment reads. It has over 14,000 likes which lets you know just how many people agree.

“Exactly this. My mom would take us outside if we started crying like that no matter where it was. Movie? Outside. Shopping? Outside,” another person recalled.

TikTok users are debating whether children should be banned from graduation ceremonies.

Another TikTok user agreed, writing: “I brought my kids to events when they were little. As soon as mine even tried to get upset I removed them. That is terrible etiquette.”

A fourth commented: “And this is why all my wedding events and my wedding are child free.”

However, not everyone agreed. In fact, some people didn’t even realise there were children in the background.

One social media user replied: “I didn’t even notice the kids until I read the comments. I must be used to it.”

Another TikTok account said: "The babies didn’t distract me from the point of this video! Amazing how focused she was."

Some commenters also highlighted that not every parent is able to secure childcare and therefore must take their children with them to events.

One person posed the question: "Do people not understand that everyone can't just find reliable childcare? And they have no family to help."

What do you think?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@hshtglawyerd

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