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Channel 4 viewers left shocked as new documentary shows 10.5 inch penis

Channel 4 viewers left shocked as new documentary shows 10.5 inch penis

People had so much to say about it that the show trended on Twitter.

It's no secret that penises come in different shapes and sizes, and a new documentary has shed light on what life is like for those with larger-than-average appendages.

Aptly dubbed My Massive C**k, the Channel 4 documentary has floored viewers with its descriptions of the challenges that come with a large manhood and for showing an uncensored 10.5 inch penis.

Now, in life, people tend to say that bigger is better, but as the clip above shows, this isn't always the case, especially when it comes to sex with a massive penis.

Although if you happen to have a large appendage yourself, fear not, as the documentary also interviews a self-confessed 'size queen' - that is, a woman who prefers a larger penis.

It also shows that for some men, a big penis is a money-maker, and the documentary interviews a man with a 10-inch penis who is making it 'work for him' as an adult performer.

But on the subject of money, My Massive C**k revealed that a large penis can be expensive too, as another one of its subjects claimed he has to spend a whopping £200 a month on boxers big enough to support his 9.5 inch appendage.

Another man revealed that he wants women to see beyond his massive penis and not just value him for what he has to offer 'below the waistline'.

A large penis has its pros and cons.
Channel 4

Although the documentary's educational value didn't go unnoticed by viewers, a lot couldn't believe that they were seeing such explicit nudity on television.

In fact, the show proved so popular that My Massive C**k began to trend on British Twitter.

"Nothing like ending a day of utter chaos here, by snuggling down & watching My Massive C**k on Channel 4," joked one viewer.

A second wrote in all caps: "THERE'S ACTUALLY A SHOW CALLED MY MASSIVE C**K LMAOOO [sic]."

"Holy s**t.. how thick is that !!!" exclaimed a third. "Watching My Massive C**k."

"My Massive C**k on Channel 4. Bit heavy for a Monday night that," wrote a fifth while a sixth revealed: "A bloke on a programme called My Massive C**k says he wants to be known for his personality and not his big penis…"

A seventh joked alongside laughing emoji: "My mate is on My Massive C**k on Channel 4 at 10pm! Sadly he's not the one with the massive cock, but he's talking about his mate's massive c**k."

My Massive C**k is available to stream on 4OD.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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