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Mum branded 'Britain’s most hated woman’ is hiding £1,000 each for her kids in Easter egg hunt

Mum branded 'Britain’s most hated woman’ is hiding £1,000 each for her kids in Easter egg hunt

Carla Bellucci plans to go big this Easter

Forget chocolate; one mum is planning to hide £1,000 for each - yes, EACH - of her children when they set out on an Easter egg hunt this weekend.

Just think how many packets of Mini Eggs you could get...

The expensive egg hunt is being planned by Carla Bellucci, an influencer and former model who's been known to share views so controversial, they earned her the episode title 'Britain's Most Hated Woman?' when she appeared on Stacey Dooley Sleeps Over.

Bellucci lives with her fiancé and three kids.

Bellucci has sparked backlash in the past when she admitted on This Morning she had 'ben[t] the truth' to get a publicly-funded nose job, and her latest divisive move comes amid the ongoing cost of living crisis.

Sharing her plans with The Sun, Bellucci explained that she's 'sick' of complaints about rising bills and increasing food costs.

With the Easter weekend upon us, the mum continued: "We desperately need a bit of joy in our lives after being miserable for months so I am going all out this Easter, no expense spared.

"Rather than just filling my kids up on chocolate I have got an extra special Easter egg hunt planned this Sunday."

Like many families, Bellucci and her kids will embark on a hunt to uncover some chocolate eggs. But unlike most families, Bellucci's will have 'hundreds' of the sweet treats to indulge in, as well as a big wad of cash.

"Among the hundreds of chocolate eggs I’ve got stashed away, my kids will each discover £1,000 waiting for them," she explained.

The mum is set to spend thousands on Easter.

Bellucci lives in Hitchin, Herts, with her fiancé Gio and her three youngest children, Tanisha, 18, Jayden, 15, and 14-month-old Blue.

The mum admitted that Blue probably wouldn't be interested in the cash, but while I'm sure a few colourful and tasty eggs would make her more than happy, Bellucci instead plans to treat her to a three-night holiday to Disneyland Paris.

"People might say she’s too young to appreciate a trip like that, but if that is the case we will just go back again next year, we’ll be back every summer and one year we’ll make it to Florida," she told The Sun.

Bellucci has no intentions of limiting the kids when it comes to spending the cash, expressing belief that Jayden will probably pick up a new games console while Tanisha might put hers towards driving lessons.

"People can tell me that it’s a waste of money and that they should be saving it for the future but they already have a pot of savings so why not enjoy the money?" Bellucci continued.

"I’m certainly not going to tell them what to do with it."

The kids will be entertained this weekend by their very own Easter bunny, who Bellucci plans to hire for around £200.

She described living 'in the moment', though she always makes sure her bills are paid before she splashes the cash.

While some people might disagree with her budgeting choices, Bellucci hit back by saying: "If you’re not happy with what I’m doing you don’t have to look, I’m happy so try being happy for me."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@officialcarlabellucci

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