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Bride divides opinion by telling guests to put their phones away as she walks down aisle

Bride divides opinion by telling guests to put their phones away as she walks down aisle

Is she in the right?

Though most people focus on their other half as they walk down the wedding aisle, the bride in this story was too busy telling people off for having their phones out.

And it's safe to say, she's certainly divided opinion.

TikTok user JG (@_jenngee) shared a clip of what was meant to be a happy moment as her father figure walked her down the aisle on the special day.

The clip starts with a photo showing her looking rather miffed in her wedding dress, alongside the text: "When there was a sign, an announcement and reminders from bridesmaids."

It then cuts to her strutting through the crowd while pointing at various guests telling them: "Put your phones away."

The video finishes with a picture of both JG and her husband with beaming smiles as they prepare to tie the knot.

She also explained in the caption: "Since TikTok took down the last one at 1M I thought I’d repost with some clarification.

"Haters going to hate but I was surrounded by love this day."

Now, it's understandable why someone would want people to leave their smartphones in their pockets during the ceremony.

Perhaps you want them to live in the moment, or you only want to see photos that are taken by a professional.

At least she said it with a smile.

But on the other side of the coin, many people have suggested that some of their best pictures and videos were taken by their loved ones, while others said she should have been focused on her husband to be.

Since going viral, dozens of viewers have taken to the comments section to voice their thoughts on the polarising matter.

One commenter who supported JG wrote: "If I see a phone when i’m walking down the aisle… I’m taking it with me!!!!!"

Another said: "You're better than me, I would have been a little more mean especially if they've been told that many times."

While a third chimed in: "I'm making my fiancé announce as well to put their phones away. I'm paying a lot of money for prof. photos. I don't want your iPhone in their way."

People were divided over JG's actions.

But not everyone agreed with this sentiment, including this person who said: "The way I didn’t notice ANYONE when walking down the aisle because I was focused on my groom at the end!"

"We encouraged everyone to take as many pictures as they wanted," commented a second. "Some of their pictures are my favourite. Too busy being happy to try to control guests."

A third added: "I'm actually glad people took a lot of pics at my wedding. Some of them are so memorable we got them printed."

It's easy to see the argument from both perspectives, so perhaps the main takeaway from this is to do what feels right for you - iPhones or not.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@_jenngee

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