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Bride sparks massive debate after making her own wedding cake

Bride sparks massive debate after making her own wedding cake

With the average cost of a wedding cake in the US being $500, one bride decided to make her own cake.

A bride has sparked massive debate online after she made a wedding cake for her own big day.

Of course, weddings can be a rather expensive occasion, from the cost of the service itself to all the food required for all your guests.

The average price of a wedding in the UK costs £18,400, according to a 2022 study done by

Expensive, right? So you can kind of understand why some may decide to cut back on certain aspects of the wedding, or even do it themselves to save a bit of cash.

And let's not forget, there is typically a honeymoon after the big day as well.

Well, to save a bit of money, Lilly Kinman decided to make her wedding cake herself, putting her experience as a pastry chef to the test.

The pastry chef decided to make her own wedding cake.

Kinman married Dennis Mendoza at a ceremony in Altamonte Springs, Florida, earlier this month.

And in a behind-the-scenes video uploaded to TikTok by hairstylist Adrianna Thomas, Kinman was seen building her cake prior to saying her vows.

In the clip, Kinman can be seen in a white robe with her wedding makeup and hair all set and ready to go.

But while all that is usually required at that point is to put the dress on, Kinman was in fact putting the finishing touches to her own wedding cake.

With some help from her bridesmaids, Kinman is filmed building her cake up into layers, before adding extra icing as the finishing touches.

Captioning the TikTok, Thomas wrote: "I have the most unique and talented brides!

"Lilly stacked her own wedding cake the day of, full face, hair done and white robe! Not one crumb on her robe."

But the TikTok has received a mixed reaction online, with some not the biggest fan.

The TikTok has divided opinion online.

"Sis I am very frugal but some things you should pay people to do and this is one of those things," one TikTok user wrote.

A second added: "Even though it looks messy on your own perspective, it's still a unique work by her."

And a third remarked: "Wait… that's finished…? Get somebody else to do it."

However, there were some that were impressed with the cake as a cheaper alternative.

In the US, the average price of a wedding cake sits at around $500, so the bride has likely saved a bit of money.

"It's a great idea she's the only one who can realise the cake she wanted perfectly," one person wrote.

Meanwhile, a second fan added: "I love it and it's got to be so special to her spouse because she made it with love."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @thomasadrianna

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