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Bride Kicks Best Friend Out Of Wedding Over Outfit She Wore

Emma Guinness

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Bride Kicks Best Friend Out Of Wedding Over Outfit She Wore

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A bride has revealed that she threw her best friend out of her wedding over her jaw-dropping outfit.

Taking to Reddit, the 28-year-old newlywed explained that she tied the knot in a ceremony with just 20 guests a little over a month ago.

The bride chose an extravagant dress as she had a difficult childhood and wanted the her big day to be particularly special. 

One of the guests was her best friend, Andy, who she had known since high school.


However, they had not always been close, and the bride revealed that Andy had bullied her at a time.


"Obviously, this was all back in school, and I thought she'd significantly grown since then,” the bride wrote. 

Before the big day, Andy had picked out ‘a nice rose gold bridesmaid’s dress’ that had received the bride’s seal of approval. 


But when the day came, she arrived wearing a wedding dress of her own – complete with a veil. 

The shocking turn of events was not without warning, and the bride explained that Andy had told her she’d arranged a surprise.

She wrote: "I assumed it was a wedding gift, or something of the sort, but boy was I wrong!"

Andy told the bride that 'she changed her mind about her former dress, and decided she wanted to pick something that would work as a symbol of her sharing in my joy and happiness'. 


“She talked about how back in high school she used to joke all the time about how she'd wear white to my wedding, and how I used to laugh about that. So, this was supposed to be a fun ‘inside joke’.” 

The bride did not find it funny, however, and Andy offered to change back into her original dress. 

However, she was asked to leave by the bride.



Andy later described the bride as ‘shallow’ and speculated that she was only thrown out as she looked slimmer in her wedding dress. 

The bride then received a call from Andy’s husband, who explained that she wanted a chance to dress up and that she ‘overreacted’.  

The bride took to Reddit to ask whether or not she was the a**hole for throwing out – and later blocking – her friend.  

She wrote: “She's depressed because she quit her job since her marriage (approximately 2 years ago) and ever since, she's lonely and stuck in a rut.”


However, Reddit users were unanimously in agreement that she did the right thing by cutting off her best friend. 


One wrote: “Absolutely NTA.

“She wanted to upstage you. That comment about you being jealous that she looked slimmer in her dress than you did speaks volumes.”

A second agreed, writing: “NTA You made the right choice. She tried to ‘cheer herself up’ by bullying you. That isn't a friend. Block her. Move on. And I hope you had an amazing wedding and even more happiness to come.”

Meanwhile, a third made the helpful suggestion that Andy’s husband should get her therapy, while agreeing that the bride was right to be angry at her.

What would you have done in the bride’s shoes?

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Emma Guinness
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