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Bride Left Guests Horrified After She Set Fire To Bouquet In Wedding Accident

Bride Left Guests Horrified After She Set Fire To Bouquet In Wedding Accident

A bride's TikTok video went viral after after she set the wedding bouquet on fire.

Your wedding day is usually unforgettable but this bride has one extra shocking moment why she'll never forget hers.

Her guests were left horrified after she set fire to her bouquet during a wedding accident.

Watch it unfold here:

Emily Jackson’s shocking TikTok video went viral with 1.7 million views in May 2021. It showed her and her new husband getting ready to perform for their guests in a stunning wooden venue on their wedding day when the terrifying incident occurred.

Emily was stood in her beautiful wedding dress next to a table covered in candles. She was directed by her photographer to put her bouquet in a vase that was placed in the middle of the table – but things didn’t quite go according to plan.

Emily was shocked when the fire started (
@emilyljackson on TikTok)

Guests screamed in disbelief when she placed the flowers down as they caught fire and the flames started to get bigger. Emily looked shocked as her brave photographer quickly ran to the rescue, grabbed the bouquet while it went up in flames and stood on it to put the fire out.

Others ran to her aid and once the crowd realised the fire had been put out, the screams quickly turned to laughter and cheering.

TikTok users took to the comments to praise the photographer with one saying: "Girl you better have tipped the photographer"

Another added: The photographer literally grabbed a big wad of fire and put it out and the man got the praise"

The photographer quickly ran to the rescue (
@emilyljackson on TikTok)

The video received 324.8k likes and Emily captioned it: “Redemption since TikTok took it down for unsafe acts”

Molly the photographer commented: “I’m the photographer thanks for the love guys. Two things – she was told to put the flowers there she isn’t dumb, and don’t worry I wasn’t mad at them clapping for the guy! I got plenty of praise haha”

As we entered the New Year, a lot of TikTok users started to reshare their most viral videos in 2021. Emily took this opportunity to repost her moment of fame and captioned it: “Almost 2 million views of my wedding oopsie”

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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