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Best man steals couple's spotlight and proposes to bridesmaid during wedding

Best man steals couple's spotlight and proposes to bridesmaid during wedding

This proposal has people totally divided.

When you're invited to a wedding, there's one unspoken golden rule that all guests must follow: do not upstage the bride.

Wearing white, causing a scene, or - worst of all - proposing at someone else's wedding are all major no-nos. That's why people are so riled up after watching this video:

The clip, which has gone insanely viral on TikTok, shows a bride about to toss the bouquet to her wedding guests, when she suddenly turns around, walks directly over to one of the bridesmaids, and hands it to her.

The bridesmaid, who just so happens to be the bride's sister, looks seriously confused until her partner suddenly appears and gets down on one knee.

Still in total shock, the bridesmaid covers her face, before finally giving her boyfriend a big 'yes!', prompting cheers from all the other bridesmaids - though some did look a little bit peeved at first when they didn't catch the bouquet.

It's a scene that many brides-to-be dread - someone else proposing at your wedding and taking the attention away from you on your big day.

Would you let someone propose at your wedding?

Typically, this is seriously frowned upon, but because the bride was actually in on it, some viewers are willing to make an exception. Others, not so much.

"I feel like it's tacky to propose at someone else's wedding," complained one horrified viewer.

"I'm sorry nobody is proposing on my wedding day, friend, family, idc," a second slammed.

"Oh, nah! Brides approval or not. The proposing man should have some respect and fortitude to do this on his own," a third upset TikToker agreed.

Looking at it from the bridesmaids perspective, another chimed in: "I don't understand because I'd never want to be proposed to during someone else's special day. That's just me."

Others totally disagreed. The bride was an essential part of the proposal, after all. Plus, it was her sister!


"This is one of the only acceptable ways to propose at a wedding bc he clearly got permissions from the bride and groom beforehand," said one viewer, in the couple's defence.

"Some people really don't understand wholesome moments are more special than having your own day," argued a second. "I would love if someone did this at my wedding."

"I love that you shared the spotlight with your sis," penned a third.

So, the big question remains: is this wedding proposal acceptable or is this still totally taboo?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@chiolafilms

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