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Woman’s BeReal notification comes at the worst possible time during gynecologist visit

Woman’s BeReal notification comes at the worst possible time during gynecologist visit

This woman was not going to miss her BeReal, even when that meant being a little too real

BeReal has resulted in a lot of hilarious images and for one woman, this resulted in a funnier image than most at the gynaecologist.

She was at an appointment when the app asked to 'Be Real', just as the doctor was inserting an IUD into her cervix.

BeReal is the latest social media craze to take the world by storm, and the aim of the game is to give a real insight into your life.

The app works by asking you to to take a picture at a random time of the day, and with two minutes notice, you'll receive a notification that declares it's 'time to Be Real.'

The app's description on the Apple Store reads: "Show your friends who you really are, for once," as it takes away all opportunities to use filters and edit and/or stage photographs.

Unbelievably, this woman still went through with it and took a selfie of herself - perhaps mercifully in a face mask - as she lay back on the gynaecologist's hospital bed.

She later made a TikTok of the incident that she captioned: "When the male OB is opening your cervix to insert an IUD into your uterus but BeReal says it's time."

The woman added: "Is it just me or does BeReal choose some really bad times to give that notification…?"

Needless to say, the video did not go unnoticed, and at the time of writing, it has been viewed over five million times.

Is this the most awkward BeReal ever?

Reacting to the unbelievably timed BeReal, one TikTok user wrote: "y’all be too real on that app sometimes."

"Sometimes it’s okay to post late," wrote a second while a third disagreed and added: "Everyone is saying post late but this is gold like this is the purpose of the app."

"I’m going to need to see your friend’s reactions," wrote a fourth.

A fifth screamed: "THE HEAD POKING UP I CANT."

"This is impressive, I was screaming when I got my IUD," remarked a sixth viewer.

The video actually proved so popular that BeReal themselves replied on TikTok, writing: "can't wait to see his BeReal."

The BeReal app has actually been around since 2020, however, it has only recently exploded into popularity.

Social Media Today reports that downloads of BeReal have increased by a whopping 315 percent this year, and at the time of writing it is the second most popular app in the UK Apple Store.

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