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Woman forced to wear lost property scarf to cover boobs at restaurant

Woman forced to wear lost property scarf to cover boobs at restaurant

She was forced to wear a large scarf over the revealing top.

A woman was forced to wear a lost property scarf over her breasts in an upmarket restaurant. Watch her video here:

TikTok user slayraslaye took to the platform to reveal that her outfit was deemed too inappropriate to dine without covering up.

She then showed off her revealing green top that she was made to cover with a large scarf, captioning the video: "When you get dresscoded at an upscale restaurant."

It was overlayed with the viral sound: "here comes the w**re".

The 23-year-old added: "Yes this scarf belongs to the restaurant… i didn't know these were the vibes [sic]."

The TikTok did not go unnoticed, and at the time of writing, it has been viewed over 69K times.

Unfortunately for slayraslaye, the majority of viewers agreed that the restaurant wasn't being unreasonable in asking her to cover up.

One wrote: "You look gorgeous but no formal restaurant would allow that top."

"If someone showed up to my fancy restaurant like that i would assume that they were an escort," added a second.

"I think that's fair. Good for them," remarked a third while a fourth added: "Wow. I respect the restaurant."

She had to cover up with a scarf from lost property.
TikTok / @slayraslaye

However, some people did think that the restaurant was being unfair.

One TikTok user suggested that it would have been a different story if a celebrity had worn the outfit.

They wrote: "If it was a Kardashian eating there wearing the exact same thing it'd be OK cause they sexualise Kardashians but they don't like it when we dress [sic]."

A second viewer added: "people are too comfortable policing womens bodies [sic]."

"This enrages meeee and all the people saying men get dress coded to … not remotely the same. sorry angel you look UNREAL [sic]," wrote a third.

This incident is not the only example of dress-coding to go viral on TikTok.

Another user slammed a London restaurant and accused them of fatphobia after she was told to coverup with a denim jacket from lost property.

Katie Haywood said the staff at MNKY HSE in Mayfair let her slim friends in revealing outfits dine without a problem, but took umbrage with her less revealing outfit because of her size.

Katie Haywood claimed a restaurant in Mayfair had been 'fatphobic' towards her.

She said: "I just didn't know what to do. I was like, I don't even want to be here and give this place my money.

"Not even that, but I looked around and everyone had, like, low-cut tops on, a bit of cleavage showing. "But they were all petite girls, so I guess that was no issue. But I was the only thicker person there and it was an issue."

She also claimed a female security guard had told her she was 'dressed like you're going to the beach' before being asked to cover up inside.

The restaurant's dress code reads: "Dress to impress and never turn up in trainers or casual clothes."

Tyla have reached out to MNKY HSE for comment.

What do you think of the outfits? Let us know in the comments.

Featured Image Credit: slayraslaye / TikTok

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