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Woman pleads for help after ‘nightmare’ discovery in her bathroom

Woman pleads for help after ‘nightmare’ discovery in her bathroom

One woman had a real nightmare on her hands when she went to clean her bathroom floor

A woman has called on the Facebook community for desperate cleaning help after making a ‘nightmare’ discovery in her bathroom.

Sorting the bathroom has to be one of our least favourite cleaning gigs, right? While some of you might consider yourself the next Mrs Hinch, and will happily roll up your sleeves to tackle it with some good, old-fashioned elbow grease, the rest of us can't think of anything worse.

But while some of us struggle with the basics, one woman had a real nightmare on her hands when she went to clean her bathroom floor – lifting up the shower mat to make a ‘horrifying’ discovery underneath.

It left social media users feeling absolutely mortified, with many saying it looked like ‘worms’ were coming out of the floor... And they’re not wrong.

Karyina, from Queensland, posted on the Cleaning & Organising Inspiration Australia Facebook group to ask others if they could help with her issue.

She asked for help on Facebook after making the grim discovery.
Facebook/Cleaning & Organising Inspiration Australia

Posting a photo of the damaged floor, she wrote: “How would you deal with this?

“It's from a bath mat melting into the floor, what can I use to get it off?”

In the picture, we can see that the mat has somehow melded with the tiled flooring, having left remnants of the material that look like worms coming up for air.

One person commented to say they had a ‘heart attack for a minute there’, while another wrote: “Lord, I thought that was worms.”

Someone else asked: “Did anyone else freak out thinking it was worms of some sort?!”

Others were just sympathetic to Karyina’s situation, with one saying: “What a nightmare, I had no idea this could happen.”

But the Facebook community came through, with many offering up solutions for Karyina’s bizarre issue.

One person told her: “Oh no, do yourself a favour go to Bunnings and buy Goo remover. It's bloody amazing on anything sticky! Especially that!”

It REALLY does look like worms.
Facebook/Cleaning & Organising Inspiration Australia

Someone else suggested pouring ‘paint thinner on’ and scraping it away with a plastic paint scraper’, while another said ‘boiling hot water from the kettle should help’.

One other said ‘eucalyptus oil’ worked well for them last time it happened to them.

Another said: “If those are porcelain tiles, get some acetone from an auto shop (don't use nail polish remover), pour it on, leave it for five minutes, and then rub it off with a rag.”

Some warned Karyina to be careful as tiled floors can get damaged very easily while cleaning.

“I had this on my tile floor, and the only thing that worked for me with no damage at all was a steam mop with a brush,” one advised.

“Be very careful if you use other products, you may scratch or damage the colour of the tiles,” they said.”

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Cleaning & Organising Inspiration Australia

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