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Mum shares incredible items she received in her free baby box after giving birth

Mum shares incredible items she received in her free baby box after giving birth

This is the most adorable unboxing video you'll ever see

A mum has shared the incredible items she received in her free baby box after giving birth.

Watch the adorable unboxing video below:

Vanessa Kirby, 30, posted the adorable unboxing video on TikTok and people have been left in shock after seeing the abundance of incredible and useful gifts.

The mum-of-three started off by explaining that every baby in Scotland is given a box and the box itself can also be used as a place for the newborn to sleep because it 'comes with a mattress, two fitted sheets and a blanket'.

Vanessa received three baby books, a digital bath and room thermometer, a voucher to buy reusable nappies, socks and mittens, breast pads, clothes for a newborn up to three months of age, a playmat, a towel with a hood, a hat and a bib, muslins, a sponge, maternity pads, a sling and much, much more. This is so amazing!

Interestingly, the box also comes with two boxes of condoms which some viewers thought was hilarious.

One person on TikTok quipped: "The rubber is a bit late don’t you think."

Viewers praised Scotland for its initiative for mums and babies.

Someone jokingly replied: "They saying don’t make another one any time soon."

TikTok users took to the comments in a state of shock after watching Vanessa's video which has accumulated over 1.2 million likes and more than 7,000 comments.

"Scotland is looking good right now," one TikTok user commented.

Another social media user wrote: "Finland has a free baby box also! how cool I didn't think anyone else did that."

A proud commenter wrote: "Scotland never ceases to amaze me."

A user describing herself as a careers coach shared: "In the US we get a 60k medical bill and no time off."

Vanessa showed all the items in the box.

Lots of Americans commented on the baby box and referenced cases in the country where parents were charged for skin-to-skin contact after a cesarean birth.

One user shared: "In America you get charged for skin to skin with your baby."

"Meanwhile in the US 'skin-to-skin' is just one of many things being charged on the bill," another woman wrote.

And on the topic of women's rights, some women praised Scotland for their baby boxes as well as becoming the first country to make period products free in 2020 to end period poverty.

The baby box is supplied by Parent Club and midwives complete with a registration card for the mum to get one, which should arrive around four weeks before the due date.

Featured Image Credit: @vanessakanbi/TikTok

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