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Mum furious after being made to clean up after son was sick in supermarket

Mum furious after being made to clean up after son was sick in supermarket

She claims staff 'insisted' she cleaned up the vomit

One mum has been left absolutely furious after being made to clean up after her son was sick at a self-checkout counter.

She claimed a supermarket worker 'made her' clean up her child's own vomit and 'insisted' she did it all by herself.

The situation has seemingly split the internet right down the middle after re-opening the heated debate amongst parents.

The mum has re-opened a heated parenting debate.
Photo Yom Lam / Alamy Stock Photo

The mum, who has since remained anonymous, was shopping at a Woolworths counter with her children when all of a sudden her two-year-old toddler vomited all over himself and the floor near the exit.

According to the woman, who shared her experience on a social media group, she immediately tended to her poorly little one in a hopes to make him feel better.

She also noted that she apologised to the staff, who had seen the whole situation take place, but was totally flabbergasted at the response she received from them.

The mum, who hails from Sydney, Australia, alleged the workers 'insisted' she clean up the puke herself, whilst struggling with two young children - the other being five years old - amidst the chaos.

She explained: "I started to get really frustrated and flustered (I wasn't rude or anything like that), after I settled my son I apologised to staff for having to get someone to clean up, and the worker turned to me and said 'No, you have to clean it up'."

The mum claimed staff 'insisted' she clean the vomit up.
Matej Kastelic / Alamy Stock Photo

The Aussie mum continued: "My son was being a real handful the whole time, and we were so close to the front entrance that opened up to a busy road."

Eventually, the mum cleaned up what she could and went on to scan the rest of her groceries at the self-checkout - all the while her toddler was completely covered in vomit.

"I started to clean, and the employee told a worker to stand over me to make sure I cleaned it up, meanwhile my son was trying so hard to run out to see cars," the mum added.

Taking to the online group, the mum asked the internet whether she should complain to the supermarket chain or not follow up on the whole ordeal.

Many were on the mum's side with one commenter writing: "I've worked in retail for over 20 years and seen so many sick kids/grandparents. Never have I seen someone clean up their mess," via Mail Online.

"As someone who worked in retail, they should have assisted her by at least scanning her groceries while she tended to the kids," a second offered. "Or offered to watch them while she was cleaning up so that the kid didn't run out."

The ordeal seems to have split the internet right down the middle.
Oliver Hale / Unsplash

A third added: "It's so heartbreaking to see someone struggle so much without a helping hand, kindness goes a long way."

Others, however, weren't as sympathetic and struck out claiming that parents have a duty to be responsible for their own children.

One posted: "If it were my child, I would clean up the vomit myself.

"Also, I wouldn't have worried about getting groceries, I'd have simply wanted to get them home quicker because if they're throwing up, diarrhoea might follow."

A second penned: "It would be lovely if the shop staff offered, however they're not obliged to and it's 100 per cent your responsibility to clean up bodily fluids."

"That's so gross, you should never expect workers to do your job for you," declared a third.

Where do you stand?

Tyla has reached out to Woolworths for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Photo Yom Lam / Matej Kastelic / Alamy Stock Photo

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