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Female crane operator says male colleagues always underestimate her

Female crane operator says male colleagues always underestimate her

She is now the youngest person in Ireland to do what she does

A female crane operator has opened up about working in a male-dominated industry, saying her male colleagues always underestimate her.

Kate Fahey, 19, didn’t initially embark on a career in crane driving, but was won over by the unlikely gig after completing a summer job at her dad’s worksite. The 19-year-old is now the youngest person in Ireland to do what she does.

She said: “When I was working in Dublin, I came down to meet the delivery driver who looked shocked to see me and constantly asked if I was the banksman and if I was qualified.”

Kate Fahey.

Fahey said she wasn’t nervous about the physical challenges of the job, having just been anxious as she started a new role, as anyone would.

“The first time I climbed up the ladder for the crane, all the lads were saying how I was underestimating it and that I’ll have a panic attack when I get too high up,” she recalled.

“I wasn’t even nervous about the height.

“Truth be told I hadn’t even thought about it, I was just nervous about learning a new role but once I got up there and saw the view I was blown away. I’ve loved it ever since.”

Fahey loves the on-site banter, and enjoys being able to work with a broad range of people while on shift.

She hopes that others will feel inspired to follow suit after ‘falling into’ crane operation, saying she wants to encourage anyone with an interest in construction to ‘go for it’.

She said it's a career she just 'fell into'.

Fahey said she’s already been inundated by messages of support from others, and now hopes she serves as inspiration for others to get into jobs they might not usually think of.

She continued: “I received messages about my career, from girls and guys, because becoming a crane operator isn’t something that has a clear pathway like university or an apprenticeship, you sort of just fall into it as I did,” Fahey revealed.

“I’ve not heard back from all of them but I know two are now qualified so it’s lovely to feel like I’ve inspired some people.

“To anyone, girls and boys, if you truly have an interest in construction then I’d always urge you to go for it.”

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