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Mum doesn’t use toilet roll and admits they share a 'family cloth' instead

Mum doesn’t use toilet roll and admits they share a 'family cloth' instead

A mum has said that she doesn't use toilet roll but instead uses a 'family cloth'.

A mum who is all about a low-waste lifestyle has admitted that she doesn't use toilet roll, but instead uses a 'family cloth'.

With her family having a different lifestyle to many, Ali (@tiny_waste) shared a video to TikTok of what it is like when her family come to visit.

In the video, she mimicked their reaction to a number of sustainable things she does in the home, including the use of the dish towel for 'everything'.

Ali also mimicked her family's reaction to her 'Who gives a c**p?' loo roll that is situated in the downstairs toilet.

This led to someone in the comments saying: " At least you had toilet paper and not family cloth."

And under that comment, another TikTok user replied: "What the f*** is a family cloth?"

Meanwhile, Ali herself got involved in the conversation, confessing: "The family cloth and bidet setup is in the upstairs bathroom.

"I cannot tell a lie."

Ali then explained all surrounding the 'family cloth' in another TikTok, which she filmed from her upstairs bathroom.

Some were left confused by the 'family cloth'.

She said: "I don't know who came up with the term family cloth, but it is an unfortunate name for cloth toilet paper.

"Let me show you the setup in my home to hopefully help remove some of the ick factor.

"This is the toilet in our upstairs bathroom, primarily used by my husband and I."

The mum continued: "This is a basket of clean wipes - mostly flannel cut from old Christmas pyjamas.

"When I use the bathroom, I let the bidet do all the heavy lifting, pat dry with a clean wipe and then put the used wipe in this bin, which will eventually go into the laundry.

"No wipe is ever used for multiple bathroom sessions without being laundered - that would be disgusting."

While Ali did clarify the worry that we all had about the cleanliness of the cloth, she did say that her husband was not exactly a fan.

The mum explained how her family uses the cloth.

As a result, Ali also has regular toilet paper in her upstairs bathroom, while she uses the 'family cloth' which is 'sturdier and softer on my bum'.

Over a thousand TikTok users took to the comment section of the video, with many saying that the ick still hasn't been removed.

"Nope. still poop left. I'm not sticking that in my washer," one person said.

A second added: "When I heard family cloth. I was very scared y'all were sharing like a single rag hanging on a hook by the toilet."

Meanwhile, a third simply said: "You couldn’t pay me to do this."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@tiny_waste

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