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Man shares genius hack to get rug corners to stay flat

Man shares genius hack to get rug corners to stay flat

Twitter has the answer for all sorts of life hacks, this carpet flattening tip is just one golden nugget

A man has shared his genius tip for getting a corner of the rug to stay flat on the floor.

Obviously, there are bigger problems out there in the world – war, famine, pestilence, Donald Trump – but it certainly is annoying when you’ve got a truculent bit of rug that just won’t sit down.

Whether because you keep catching it, because of the house temperature, or for whatever reason, it’s unsightly and annoying to just have one corner that curls upwards to the sky, almost in direct rebellion against you.

Well, stay tuned, because we might have just the idea for how to bring that defiant carpet corner to heel.

All you’ll need for this hack is an ordinary drinking glass and some ice.

We've all encountered something like this.
Twitter/Today I Learned

Hell, you don’t even necessarily need the glass, you can use whatever you want as long as it’s got some weight behind it.

For this example though, the person used a small drinking glass.

The trick was committed to internet posterity by viral video Twitter account Today I Learned, which – as you’ll no doubt have figured – share tips and tricks like this all the time.

In the video, a man explains how to ‘fix your carpet that never wants to stay flat’.

Basically, you stick the ice cubes – or whatever shape you have – around the corner of the carpet, then put the cup on top of the corner to weight the corner down.

Then, time is your friend.

Here's the one and only step.
Twitter/Today I Learned

All you have to do is wait for the ice to melt, soaking into the carpet around the corner whilst it is under pressure from the glass.

Once the ice has melted, you can lift the cup off and – with any luck – the carpet will remain flat to the floor, at least until it dries out, anyway.

“It’s amazing!” the man in the video proclaims.

Whilst most of the comments have been thankful for the tip, not everyone is so convinced by this method.

“They didn’t show you what happens when it dries up,” wrote one.

Another said: “OK, but how’s the hardwood flooring doing?”

“Great solution for about 4 hrs,” said a third person.

Predominantly though, people are just interested to try it.

We really do hate those unruly carpet corners, it would seem.

In the end, this should be your result.
Twitter/Today I Learned

One said: “Thanks for sharing - I tried it, and it works! Still flat a week later!”

“OK I have a rug that has been driving me nuts! I will get back to you tomorrow,” a second wrote.

“That is a good one,” said a third commenter.

So, if you’ve got a carpet that is causing you grief, perhaps you should try this out.

Sure, it’s a first world problem, but sort out the little things and the big things don’t seem so daunting, right?

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Today I Learned

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