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Have We Been Attaching Toilet Bowl Cleaners Wrong All This Time?

Ali Condon

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Have We Been Attaching Toilet Bowl Cleaners Wrong All This Time?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@annpurrfect

You learn something new every day. And today we learned that we learned we have been attaching our toilet bowl cleaners wrong.

Hey, it's not always going to be glamorous!

TikToker's minds were blown when user @annpurrfect tried out the ridiculously simple toilet bowl cleaner hack. Watch how it works here:


Shocked by how simple the hack was, she captioned her video: "I was today years old.. 🙈🤣".

But if this trick is news to you too, there's no need to be ashamed. It looks like we're all in the same boat with this one.

One viewer commented: "NO WAYYY, YOU LIE!!! I've been doing it wrong this whole time?", and a second added: "You are not the only person 😂😁".

A third admitted: "😂😂I found after 41 years 😅" while another wrote: "Omg!! 😳😳 Just learned something!"

One TikToker shared: "Hahaha i just showed this one my mum and she can’t believe it 😂😂 hahaha".

Another rather smug viewer wrote: "I was shocked when I look at the toilet and my bf already knew that, I was impressed".

However, some who had tried it out themselves warned others to read the instructions before attempting, as some toilet bowl cleaners don't work with the hack.

(Credit: TikTok/@annpurrfect)
(Credit: TikTok/@annpurrfect)

Sophie Mayo, spokesperson at Bloo, says "over the rim" is best, adding: "This position allows the best contact between the product and the water during flushing, which will offer the best performance in terms of foam, cleaning and release of the fresh fragrance.

"This method would also not work for rimless toilets and therefore, we would never advise to use the product in this way. In addition, positioning the block under the rim could potentially cause several risks. For example, flushing could cause the block to move towards the bottom of the toilet, which might cause blockage and the need of calling plumber.”

Other viewers were more distracted by other matters - mainly TikToker @annpurrfect going straight in for a facepalm after touching her toilet bowl.

Not the best moment for a facepalm... (Credit: TikTok/@annpurrfect)
Not the best moment for a facepalm... (Credit: TikTok/@annpurrfect)

After realising the simple mistake she was making, she filmed herself smacking her hand to her face in disbelief, and people are really hoping she washed her hands first.

One wrote: "The mistake u made was the facepalm after touching that 😂".

Another added: "No.... don’t touch your face right after!!!"

We're sure it goes without saying, but just in case: you're trying this trick at home, please wash your hands after!

If you're looking for more genius TikTok hacks, then might we recommend this two-second jean-sizing trick?

TikToker @topnotchboutique, posted a clip on the video sharing platform, explaining that if you don't fancy trying on heaps of pairs of jeans in store, there's an easy way to check whether a pair will fit.

To check out the method, click here.

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Ali Condon
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