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Mum shares easier way to load the dishwasher which leaves pots sparkling

Mum shares easier way to load the dishwasher which leaves pots sparkling

The simple trick has since gone viral on TikTok

A mum reckons she's discovered a very simple dishwasher hack that will leave your plates, pots and cutlery sparkling. You can see her hack here:

Reet-Regina Cabrera said she was given the top tip by a handyman who came out to her home after she underwent some renovations recently.

According to Reet-Regina, the handyman told her that there’s no real reason that you need to place the dishwasher pods inside the tray on the inside of the door.

He claimed the small drawer is only for liquid detergent and that instead, you can simply chuck the pod straight into the machine and your dishes will come out sparkling. Clever, eh?

The 39-year-old craft shop owner said she now switches between the two, sometimes putting it in the tray and sometimes leaving it loose in the dishwasher and they both work well.

Reet-Regina Cabrera shared the hack online.

Reet-Regina, from Tampa Bay, Florida, US, said: "The kitchen had just been remodelled and a repair man came to fix something else.

"He saw me loading the dishwasher and told me the best thing to do is throw the pod in the bottom - and that the little slot on the dishwasher door is only for liquid detergent.

"I tried it and nowadays I do it both ways - sometimes I use the compartment and sometimes I throw it straight in.

"It works just as well either way, but one way takes less effort!"

And I’ll be honest, I am all about less effort when it comes to housework.

After making the discovery, Reet-Regina decided to share the hack on TikTok where it’s seen be viewed almost ten million times.


It’s also attracted plenty of comments from people who said they did the same.

One person wrote: "I started doing this and found less soap residue on the dishes when it’s done!"

And another commented: "This is how I've always done mine and it washes perfectly fine. I've had no problems, done it for years!" Well that all sounds pretty good to me.

However, not everyone loved the hack, and some suggested this method would actually be ineffective at getting your dishes clean.

A fellow TikTok user explained that the pod would be fully dissolved in the pre-wash cycle with none left for the wash cycle.

While someone else warned: "Read the manual for your dishwasher and It will say to put them in the compartment!"

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