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People Are Just Realising How To Clean Their Dishwashers Properly

People Are Just Realising How To Clean Their Dishwashers Properly

Wait... whaaaaat?

It turns out there's one key thing that you should be doing to clean your dishwasher and, unfortunately, people are just realising it now

If you've never done this for your dishwasher before then you could possibly be in for a rude awakening when you try it for the first time. We can't believe we didn't know this sooner! Check it out here:

There are some household chores that we just never want to get around to doing, whether it's cleaning toilets, mopping floors or taking out the rubbish - but we get them done eventually to avoid causing a stink in our house.

But TikTok creator @jamiebblue has now opened viewers' eyes to the chore that they didn't even know they were skipping - leading to rather nauseating results when they finally try it out.

"I'm gonna pretend I didn't see this," commented one horrified viewer, when they realised where they had gone wrong.

A second wrote: "It’s very obvious now but I didn’t even know they had a filter. Gonna go find it and clean it when I’m off work."

Creator Jamie replied: "Girl SAME. I never knew."

Good thing we weren't alone on this one!

Have you been cleaning your dishwasher properly? (

"Me not even realising my dishwasher has a filter," commented a third viewer.

And a fourth admitted: "Yeah I found out a couple months ago after a few years... I about hurled."


Others were equally horrified when they learned there were people out there who weren't cleaning their dishwasher properly and regularly.

One disgusted viewer asked: "I've seen lots of people online say they didn't know you had to clean your dishwasher. Where do you think the dirt goes?!" to which Jamie replied: "Never really thought about it."

Another claimed: "I clean mine regularly every 3 months."

"Yup. Every couple of weeks," added a third, while a fourth shared: "I usually clean mine once a month along with a cleaning cycle. Unless I smell something funky before then, then I’ll clean it."

Some people clean their dishwasher filter every few weeks, but others leave it longer. (

Regular filter cleanings are widely recommended, and while the suggested period between cleanings can range anywhere between once every few weeks to once a year, owners will know instinctively to give their filter a scrub when the appliance starts to smell.

To clean your dishwasher filter, all you need to do is remove it from the appliance, run it under the kitchen tap, and wash it by hand. Then gently scrub it until all food particles and gunk falls away - though try to avoid a wire brush as this could damage the filter.

Then simply pop the filter back into place and prepare for your next load of dishes to come out squeaky clean.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@jamiebblue

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