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Woman whose lip was ripped off by pit bull shows off results of last surgery

Woman whose lip was ripped off by pit bull shows off results of last surgery

She didn't expect how great the results look

Model Brooklinn Khoury, who lost her top lip and the tip of her nose after being attacked by a pit bull, has shared an update on the results of her final round of reconstructive surgery - and what she plans to do next.

Brooklinn suffered a horrific facial injury in November 2020 after being bitten by her cousin's dog, who has since been put down - which made the model 'feel horrible'.

Her demeanour in the video, posted on Tuesday (18 April), is bright and positive, as her followers have come to expect.

"I honestly have been so amazed by the progress of the surgery and being able to see what I look like now versus looking at pictures from before," Brooklinn said.

She went on to discuss what the aim of the last stage of reconstructive surgery was.

"As many of you know I had my last surgery which was recreating the Cupid's bow and then also the lip line and the central columns and to be honest I did not think it was going to look like this at all," Brooklinn explained.

She admitted she felt apprehensive before going under the knife.

Brooklinn admitted she was apprehensive before the surgery.

"I was really scared going into the surgery because my doctor was saying he's gonna make incisions and I was like why are you gonna make an incision on something that we've been working so hard to get to," the model said.

"He was like: just trust me it's gonna look great.

"I honestly expected it to not look like this if I'm gonna be really honest with you.

"It is really crazy looking back at pictures of me with just the skin and no lip line because now I have something there - I mean genuinely this is crazy."

She talked her viewers through her healing journey.
YouTube/Brooklinn Khoury
Brooklinn went on to talk about how life has changed since getting a top lip back.

She said she's had to relearn how to use a spoon and hold food in her mouth, but she's now able to drink with a straw or by pressing her lips into the can 'but it does kind of go out of the corners of my mouth'.

Despite having not seen a speech therapist, Brooklinn admitted the consonants 'p', 'v' and 'b' all sounded the same before her most recent surgery.

She also revealed that kissing is a little tricky, explaining: "I can't really control it... I don't know, duck lips?"

One last question she said she's frequently asked is whether she's going to shade her new lip to match the colour of her bottom lip.

"Yes I will. That'll be at the end of all the surgeries," Brooklinn said.

"My doctor really wants to make the lip as aesthetic as he can get it and as close as he can get it to the lip that I had before.

"I will be getting my lip shaded or tattooed or tinted whatever you guys want to call it."

In reference to questions she's been asked about makeup, she explained that she doesn't 'put lip gloss on the top of my lip it just feels a little awkward right now', but said that she does keep it 'moisturised' which might make it appear glossy.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/brookhoury YouTube/Brooklinn Khoury

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