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Woman whose lip was ripped off by pit bull 'feels horrible' after dog had to be put down

Woman whose lip was ripped off by pit bull 'feels horrible' after dog had to be put down

Brooklinn was attacked by the pit bull back in 2020

Model Brooklinn Khoury, who had her top lip torn off her face in a horrific dog attack, has confessed that the pit bull who bit her was put down.

Hundreds of thousands of people have been following along with Brooklinn's story and recovery process after the brutal attack left her needing facial reconstruction surgery.

The incident left Brooklinn, 23, without her top lip and the tip of her nose, and the model has gone through a series of intense operations to restore her face.

Two years and five skin grafts later, Brooklinn is finally back to feeling and looking more like herself again.

On the day of the vicious dog attack in November 2020, Brooklinn had been about to make a starring appearance in her first TV commercial.

Before she went to set, she had been hanging out with her cousin and their dog Diesel.

When they went back to Brooklinn's house, she went to pet Diesel - as she had done many times before - but this time he responded by sinking his teeth into her face.

Brooklinn had to have five skin grafts following the attack.
YouTube/Brooklinn Khoury

Some fans who have been following Brooklinn's journey have wondered whether or not her cousin's pit bull was put down after the horrific incident.

Eventually, she decided to open up and speak about the dog's fate.

Recalling the aftermath of the attack, Brooklinn told her YouTube subscribers: "I told the animal patrol, 'Hey, I want to leave this up to my family. If they don't want to put down the dog, they don't have to'.

"They didn't give me an option. They said, because the injury was so bad, they had to put the dog down.

"I had no say in what they were going to do."

She added that she had also run this by her cousins, who were happy to go along with animal patrol's advice.

"My cousins, I told them they could keep the dog alive if they wanted to. They did not want to," she shared.

"They felt very unsafe because of what had happened to me."

Brooklinn continued: "I did not want them to have to put down their dog.

"I know what it feels like to be attached to a dog.

"I do feel horrible, of course. I feel horrible about the whole situation.

"It's a really bad situation to be in. I'm not going to let this attack stop me from living my life."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/brookhoury

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