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Woman who hasn't worn a bra or underwear in years thinks everyone should throw theirs out

Woman who hasn't worn a bra or underwear in years thinks everyone should throw theirs out

The wellness influencer thinks we should let our bodies 'breathe'.

A woman who claims that she hasn't worn a bra or underwear in years is calling on others to consider doing the same and throw theirs in the bin.

Wellness influencer Alaina argued that there was no point putting on underwear, and claimed that they did more harm than good. Here's what she had to say:

Speaking to her TikTok followers, Alaina sat in her car and said that she didn't get why people felt the need to wear underwear under their clothes.

"Bras and underwear - why are we wearing them?" she asked in the video.

She then claimed: "Bras literally cut off the circulation under your boobs and prevent your lymph nodes from flowing and they've been shown to lead to premature sagging.

"Whether you have boobs or not, like me, bras just aren't good for you."

Moving on to underwear, Alaina said that it was important to let your vagina 'breathe' and that covering it up with underwear would just 'cause more infections' and 'throw off your pH balance.'

"Especially when you're going to bed, there's no need to wear underwear to bed. There's just not," she said.

"And discharge is normal, so stop freaking out about it if it's in your shorts or your pants or whatever."

Alaina then captioned the video: "Haven't worn either in years... think of all the money you'll save too!! You'll never go back."

Alania claims that she hasn't worn underwear in 'years'.

Of course, while some of Alaina's followers agreed and added that they, too, had been going commando and were already feeling the benefits, it's important to consult real health experts.

Obviously, free the nipple if you wish, but you'll be pleased to know that, when it comes to bras, there's not much to worry about as long as you're wearing one that fits properly.

According to, it's not dangerous to go with or without a bra.

Boob sagging is going to happen whether you wear a bra or not, as it's part of the natural ageing process, but wearing a bra might lessen sagging.

Meanwhile, Medical News Today has reported that there's no scientific evidence to suggest that wearing a properly fitted bra during the day should have any negative impacts on health - though ill-fitted bras can cause neck, chest, and shoulder pain.

And what about the underwear debacle?

She encouraged her followers to consider ditching their underwear.

Wearing a tight pair of underwear, or a pair that aren't made from a breathable material, can for sure be bad for you and can cause yeast infections or bacterial growth.

Candida, the bacteria responsible for yeast infections, thrives in warm moist environments, which is exactly what you create when you wear tight, non-breathable underwear, according to Healthline.

That warm, moist environment can also cause a stronger smell between your legs - so going commando can help keep your sweat and smells to a minimum.

Plus, if you're sensitive to any chemicals, artificial dyes, or fabrics, skipping the knickers can help prevent contact dermatitis or any other allergic reactions.

And if you're worried about these things but aren't willing to dump all your underwear for good, don't worry. You can save yourself just as much hassle by simply opting for looser, airy underwear made of softer, more sensitive materials.

So, all in all, if you want to go commando, go for it. Just make sure you're practicing good hygiene and common sense, and you'll be flying high.

Featured Image Credit: wellnesswithalaina/TikTok Caroline Anderson / Alamy Stock Photo

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