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People Are Shocked After Seeing What IUD Insertion Actually Involves

People Are Shocked After Seeing What IUD Insertion Actually Involves

This one's not for the faint-hearted!

People are horrified after watching a video that demonstrates exactly how an IUD is inserted into the uterus.

After a number of women shared that their own IUD insertion was extremely painful, TikToker and Anaesthesiologist Dr Kunal Sood shared his thoughts, adding that most women aren't offered anaesthetic for the procedure.

You can watch the clip here:

An IUD is a small T-shaped device made from plastic and copper that is inserted into the uterus. It releases copper into the womb which alters the mucus in the cervix to make it more difficult for sperm to reach an egg.

Concluding the video, Dr Sood told his followers: "If you feel like this procedure deserves some anaesthesia, please comment to raise awareness."

Thousands took to the comments to discuss the "barbaric" practice and share their own experiences.

"Absolutely needs anesthesia!" wrote one woman, while another simply commented: "EXTREMELY PAINFUL".

A third horrified viewer added: "This is absolutely barbaric."

One woman, who had gone through the process herself, wrote: "The most traumatic experience I have had 🥺".

Sharing her own experience, a second added: "100% should require anesthesia. When removing my first one, it was attached to my uterus- when they yanked it out, I nearly passed out."

A third traumatised IUD patient shared: "I screamed out loud when I got my IUD. Worst pain I’ve ever been in."


"I passed out from the pain during my procedure. The male nurse who woke me up said I was 'dramatic'" complained a fourth woman.

Meanwhile, a fifth wrote: "I have endo & the type of BS that went down with my IUD was some of the worst I’ve been through with docs which is saying A LOT. It’s barbaric."

Currently, there is no requirement for anaesthetic when it comes to IUD insertion, though it can be provided to patients in some circumstances.

IUD insertions do not require anaesthetic. (

Last year, a petition was launched calling for better pain relief for IUD insertion and removals. The petition, launched by Lucy Cohen, details some of the "extremely painful" and "almost unbearable" pain women experience as a result of IUD procedures.

Earning almost 35,000 signatures, Lucy wrote: "Almost 1500 people have so far shared their experiences with me. On a pain rating scale of 0-10, 43 per cent of respondents rated their pain as a seven or higher.

"I would like to see the following: Better expectation management of what the insertion and removal of an IUD entails. Without fully explaining the real potential pain, how can consent truly be given?

"More pain relief options as standard including gas and air, sedation and muscle relaxants. Not everyone will choose to have additional pain relief, but I strongly feel that for those who want it, it should be administered - and that real consent can only be given once all risks, including that of extreme pain, have been explained."

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