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Why you should never go down a slide with your child on your lap

Why you should never go down a slide with your child on your lap

While it may sound fun, you should think twice about going down a slide with a child on your lap.

A TikToker has revealed why you should never go down a slide with your child on your lap.

Going down the slide with your child at the playground sounds like innocent fun, but this man has warned parents to think twice when next at the park.

TikTok user @pmatzko took to the social media platform to talk over a video of a mum who broke her ankle after going down a slide with her daughter. Watch the full TikTok below:

Responding to the mum's vid, he said: "That sucks but thank goodness it was her ankle and not her daughter's.

"People don't realise this, but one of the most dangerous things you can do with your kids at the playground is put them on your lap and go down the slide.

"All it takes is for their little rubber souled shoes to catch on the side of the slide and your adult weight snaps their leg like a twig."

People have been reacting to the TikTok, with many coming away from it learning something new.

One person said: "Thank god for TikTok teaching me random facts, now I will never do this."

And a second added: "New fear unlocked and I don't even have kids."

The TikToker explained why you should never join your child on a slide.
pmatzko/ TikTok

In the overlay of the TikTok was a screenshot of an article from health website WebMD of an instance where a child's leg broke after her mother went down a slide with her.

Heather Clare's daughter Meadow had just turned one when a trip down a playground slide in September 2015 ended in disaster.

Speaking to the website, Heather said: "I felt it get stuck - in that picture, I’m using one hand to try to stop and the other to try to release her leg.

"I didn’t know how bad it was until we got to the bottom. She was crying a cry I’d never heard before."

Meadow's parents rushed her to hospital, with X-rays confirming fractures in both of her lower leg bones.

As a result, she spent four weeks in a pink cast and six months in physical therapy to help her learn to crawl and walk all over again.

Heather continued: "I would just look at her and cry. The hardest part was knowing that I put her in that position. I felt so much guilt because I felt like it was a really avoidable injury, and it was 100 percent my fault."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok

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