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Mum-To-Be In Hysterics Over Baby's 'Creepy' Ultrasound Smile

Mum-To-Be In Hysterics Over Baby's 'Creepy' Ultrasound Smile

Only *slightly* terrifying...

A mum-to-be was left in stitches - if not slightly terrified - when she finally got to see her unborn baby in an ultrasound.

TikTok creator and expecting mother Tia Wittenborn tried her best to contain herself when she shared the hilarious photo with her followers.

Accompanying the video, she wrote: "This is how our baby wanted to be seen at our ultrasound today."

Watch the video here:

Viewers were just as shocked as Tia when they saw her baby's ultrasound, joking that the mum-to-be is in for a wild ride when she eventually begins her parenting journey.

"Oh, you’re going to have fun with this one!" commented one follower after catching a glimpse of Tia's unborn baby.

Another terrified viewer wrote: ""COULD HAVE GIVEN ME A WARNING AHHHH IT IS 1AM 😭😭😭".

Suggesting that the TikToker's ultrasound looked a little like Voldemort, a third joked: "I can almost hear your baby screaming Aaaaahavada Kedavra!"

The mum-to-be was not expecting her ultrasound to look like that. (

One fellow TikToker commented: "it really said 👁👅👁", while a second added: "The baby said " It's SHOWTIME" 😂🥰".

Trying to shed light on the situation, another suggested: "I mean, atleast he/she was smiling. 😂😂😂".

Other parents took to the comments to reassure Tia that she wasn't alone, and they, too, had seen hilarious images of their baby in ultrasounds.


"My baby looked like a demon. I called her my demon baby for a while 😂😂😂," shared another.

A third parent admitted: "Mine decided he was gonna give us "jazz hands" at every moment he got".

Tia wasn't the only one who had a hilarious ultrasound experience. (

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Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@tiahwittenborn

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