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First-aider shows how 'mother’s kiss’ trick could save a child's life

First-aider shows how 'mother’s kiss’ trick could save a child's life

The technique should be used if a child gets something stuck up their nose

When youngsters are left alone, there's no telling what mischief they might get up to - so there's no harm in being prepared in case things get out of hand.

In the event that a little one starts exploring with sticking random objects of their nose, there's a simple method that parents can use to clear the airways, according to paediatric first aid experts CPR Kids.

The 'mother's kiss' trick can be used at home to remove an object from a child's nose. Watch how here:

CPR Kids is run by a group of paediatric registered nurses, offering courses, workshops, and advice for parents and guardians of young children.

They use their social media to share various techniques, warning signs, and examples of choking hazards to keep their followers equipped with the skills to deal with potentially life-threatening situations.

Posting on Instagram on behalf of the group, former paediatric nurse Sarah Hunstead said: "Let’s face it, kids put everything up their nose.

"Children aged 2-5 are most likely to put an object up their nose (the incidence is slightly higher in boys that girls!).

"One simple method that can be tried at home to remove an object stuck up a nostril is the Parent’s Kiss (Mother’s Kiss).

The 'mother's kiss' technique can be used to get lodged objects out of a child's nose.

This works best with objects that are fully blocking the nostril.

"The idea is that the parent or caregiver blows into the child’s mouth while blocking the clear nostril, creating positive pressure. The object will then hopefully be pushed out, likely with a torrent of snot!"

So how does it work?

The first aid expert went on to break down the four key steps that parents should follow. They went as follows:

  1. Relax and reassure your child - explain to them you are going to give them a big kiss.
  2. Block the clear nostril (ie the one that does NOT have the object in it) with your finger.
  3. With a good seal, place your mouth over their mouth.
  4. Breathe into their mouth, and as you feel a bit of resistance to your breath, give a short, sharp puff of air.

By that point, the object lodged in the child's nose should have popped out!

The expert concluded: "You can repeat it, but make sure your child isn’t too distressed.

The technique involves four simple steps.

"Never attempt to remove the object with tweezers etc, it can cause trauma and distress. If you can’t get it out with the Kiss method, you will need to seek medical help!"

The 'mother's kiss' is backed up by studies, which have found the technique effective and safe for the removal of foreign bodies from the nasal cavities of children.

In an emergency, the best course of action is to dial 999.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@cprkids

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