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Doctor Claims We've Been Showering All Wrong And Shows How To Do It Correctly

Doctor Claims We've Been Showering All Wrong And Shows How To Do It Correctly

Dr Karan Rajan has made an important statement about hygiene that we all need to hear

We learn something new all the time on TikTok and the latest revelation on our timeline has made us reconsider how we shower. Watch the video below:

A doctor on the video sharing app has revealed that people often shower incorrectly, which can lead to health issues.

Dr Karan Rajan boasts 4.9 million followers where he shares health advice, including vaginal health.

He has now said that women do not need specific cleaning products when taking care of down there, after stitching his response to a video showing product dubbed 'feminine wash'.

Doctor Karan Rajan has said vaginas do not need 'feminine hygiene' products.
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Dr Karan said the product perpetuates a 'myth' that women need specific products for 'feminine hygiene'.

He said: “Our consumerist society has become an expert at creating products that we don't need and then making us think that we need them.

"Specifically when it comes to feminine hygiene products, they perpetuate this myth that women's bodies are dirty and need to be cleaned and fresh.

"Doing so can actually upset the bacterial balance down below, increasing the risk of yeast infections, vaginosis and other conditions.

"This product is trying to jump on the idea of trying to control feminine odour but you don't see the same thing for scrotal odour.

"A vaginas natural PH is around 4.5, this is a little more acidic than it is basic.

"This helps to limit the growth of harmful bacteria and makes its own antibiotics, to stop external bacteria entering the system.

"Douching, feminine hygiene products, all that kind of stuff stops the balance of the vaginal microbiome. Leading to infections and all sorts of badness."

The video certainly struck a chord with viewers and it has now accumulated more than 560,000 views and 85,000 likes as well as thankful comments for the doctor's advice.

The doctor responded to a video promoting a product that claims to clean the vagina.
Jam Press

"Love seeing a Male Doctor talk about this," one viewer commented.

Another TikTok user said: “yea!!!!! thank you for talking about this!”

“THANK YOU!! I have been trying to tell people this but they never listen,” added another user.

“Thank you! you're more likely to get a water infection doing this,” said another person.

Someone else said: "Only water on the outside, nothing on the inside, it cleans itself!"

Another person commented: "Just use a washcloth and water! Only thing you need."

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