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Men Experience Period Pain For The First Time And It's Hilarious

Men Experience Period Pain For The First Time And It's Hilarious

Shout out to these men for giving it a go!

People are obsessed with a video showing men experiencing period pain for the first time. Watch the video below:

The compilation was originally shared on TikTok by Somedays, a company that sells period pain relief products under the slogan 'period pain is not normal'.

Someday had a booth at the Calgary Stampede in Canada earlier this month.

In order to educate people on period pains, the company set up a machine which contracts your muscles to stimulate the experience.

Men volunteered to experience period cramps.

Dozens of men tried the machine and it's fair to say they were all stunned after realising what millions of people who menstruate go through.

The Someday representative at the booth explains that setting number five on the machine, which they described as 'typical period cramps'.

They also explained that they have chronic endometriosis, a condition where tissue similar to the lining of the womb starts to grow in other places. For those who have endometriosis, the tissue thickens and bleeds in a monthly cycle, like it does in the uterus. "Mine is a 10, a level 10 plus and sometimes I end up in the ER," they explained to the participant.

The men were left in pain.

Even before the machine was switched on, the man admitted to feeling 'terrified' about the pending pain.

In another clip, a man was filmed holding onto his chair for dear life as the pain levels increased. 

He grimaced and yelled ‘Ow!’ as his male friend controlled the machine. 

Two guys – who decided to take on the machine at the same time – looked overwhelmed on level five. On the dreaded tenth setting, one of the friends was left bowled over in agony.

Some women also tried to machine and while the men ended up looking like they were in intense pain, lots of the women knew the experience all too well.

Viewers took to the comments section on Facebook to share their own period pain experiences.

One man begged for the machine to be turned off.

“Remember just wanting to curl up with the heating pad and meds to survive the first couple days," one woman shared.

Another Facebook user explained: “Period pains often come with Diarrhoea, sickness, nausea and back pain too.. I used to suffer severely as a teen/younger woman. Only eased as I had children, as they said it would.. now at 38 I just get light cramping.. but dreading my daughter getting hers If she’s anything like me wouldn’t wish it on anyone..”

Someone else quipped: “Probably only for a few minutes if that ! Try 12 hours solid gradually getting worse and worse!” 

However some women urged men to try childbirth pain simulators instead. “Forget about that. Let them experience LABOR PAIN. WITHOUT DRUGS," one woman commented.

While another said: “That’s just period pain .. try childbirth!!”

Consider these men educated!

You can find more information - as well as support and advice on endometriosis - here.

Featured Image Credit: @Somedays/TikTok

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