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People fascinated by how the cervix dilates during birth

People fascinated by how the cervix dilates during birth

Content creator and labour nurse Jenny Recotta upload the now-viral video to TikTok, shocking many people with how wide the cervix dilates.

People have been left intrigued by a video showing exactly how wide the cervix dilates during labour.

Whilst it may be an unconventional way to explain how the female body works, the video is certainly hard to look away.

However, if you are due to give birth any time soon it might be best to give this video a miss, as it might not make you feel excited about bring a newborn into the world.

Originally uploaded to TikTok by content creator Jenny Recotta, also known as The Lumpy Mug, the video has absolutely captivated viewers.

Recotta is an experienced midwife as well as a skilled potter, and has taught tons of people around the world about how their bodies work, as well as looking at other childbirth related topics.

It’s proved so popular in fact, that she’s even launched a series of easy-to-understand birth education on the platform.

While providing a great educational look at what women have to go through in labour, however, the video may have also inadvertently put an entire generation off having children.

Some viewers were surprised to learn the cervix can dilate up to 10cm.

One concerned viewer joked: “Okay but I didn’t ask to be traumatised on a random Sunday morning,” while a second said: "birth control? yes."

Another viewer simply said: "absolutely not."

Some couldn't believe that the human body could stretch that far, with one commenter writing: “I don't even understand where in my body there is that kind of space.”

While someone else said: "Its hard to believe that there’s room in there for it."

Never one to miss an opportunity, Recotta replied in the comments, saying that she'd made a video ‘explaining this very thing’ with a tongue-in-cheek smiling emoji.

Viewers were shocked to learn about the nitty-gritty details around childbirth.
Corina Cohen / Alamy Stock Photo

However, some were just 'amazed'.

One viewer said: “OK I knew it was 10cm but I didn't realise 10cm was that big.”

Another wrote: "I’m amazed our bodies can do this but at the same time nope nope NOPE."

And even some childbirth veterans were pretty surprised.

One mum said: "I’ve already done it once and I still can’t understand how it happened."

Someone else said: "I've given birth twice and this still gives me the heebee jeebies."

While an expectant mother wrote: "36 weeks and I’m screaming at the thought of this happening in a month."

One commenter even suggested that women can dilate up to '1-2cm' on just on their periods, to which Recotta replied: "It opens slightly, but not that far."

Recotta even acknowledged her video's impact in a follow-up, saying: "Did I just provide birth control for an entire generation?"

Featured Image Credit: Andor Bujdoso / Alamy Stock Photo/ @thelumpymug/TikTok

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