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Crazy video shows what babies inside womb look like when mother is laughing

Crazy video shows what babies inside womb look like when mother is laughing

People are totally shocked by the footage

A crazy video shows exactly what happens in the womb to babies when a mother is laughing.

The ultrasound footage is going viral online and people have no idea how to react to the incredible yet totally bizarre phenomenon. This takes belly laughing to a whole new level... Check it out:

The clip has since gone viral online after receiving over two million views on Twitter after only being posted to the platform yesterday (18 April).

With more than seven hundred retweets, thousands of likes and a whole avalanche of comments - it's clear that people couldn't wait to share their reactions to the incredible clip.

Many were left utterly stunned by the medical phenomenon, with one Twitter user writing: "Bro going for a ride."

"Done shook the baby," added a second while a third echoed: "Not shaking the baby, too cute."

Another joked: "Looks like that baby is hitting some heavy turbulence."

While others rushed in to comment on the 'bumpy ride' and 'wiggle time' brought on by the mother's deep belly laughing - there were some, however, who found the whole thing incredibly touching rather than purely comedic.

"Looks like that baby is hitting some heavy turbulence."

One Twitter user penned: "You can sense the joy emanating from the baby. Laughter and Love are truly infectious."

"This the cutest s*** I ever seen," added a second.

Another even went as far as to explain the science behind the womb rollercoaster.

They tweeted: "When a pregnant mother laughs, the rhythmic contractions of her diaphragm can cause gentle rocking motions in the womb.

"This movement not only soothes the baby but also promotes the development of the baby's balance and spatial awareness through vestibular stimulation."

And Janet DiPietro, the Vice Dean for research and faculty at the Department of Population, Family and Reproductive Health at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, can back up the explanation.

"Like it's bouncing on a trampoline."

The health professional explained: "When we're watching the fetus on ultrasound and the mother starts to laugh, we can see the fetus, floating upside down in the womb, bounce up and down on its head, bum-bum-bum, like it's bouncing on a trampoline."

Hopkins continued: "When mothers watch this on the screen, they laugh harder, and the fetus goes up and down even faster. We've wondered whether this is why people grow up liking roller coasters."

What what would happen to the fetus if the mother went to a comedy club...

Fascinating indeed.

Featured Image Credit: Pexels / Twitter/@historyinmemes

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