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Woman Shares Simple Trick To Cut A Lettuce Without A Knife

Woman Shares Simple Trick To Cut A Lettuce Without A Knife

A woman has revealed an easy hack to chop up lettuce without even needing a knife.

From a good old fashioned loaded caesar salad to aesthetically pleasing (and very Instagram-able) lettuce cups - lettuce is seriously an underrated green.

From gem to iceberg to romaine - this leafy green clearly has some range.

Following the 2010's obsession with all things kale, and its simplicity with preparing, it seems like lettuce has really hidden from the limelight recently.

But, maybe things will all change following one woman's life-changing trick for how to cut the without even needing a blade

Taking to TikTok to share her easyhack, this woman with a bio of simply "Lifehacks" has shown us we've been cutting up lettuce wrong our whole lives.

Along with the viral sound: "Show me the life hack that you saw one day and is now an unconscious standard practice in your life," the 19-second-long video was captioned with: "My momma taught me this one."

The TikTok user reveals "My momma taught me this one".

The video then shows the TikTok creator slamming a head of lettuce onto a surface to invert the core.

As a few of the outer leaves fall off, she then picks out the core with ease to leave a ready-to-go head of lettuce that was prepared in just a few seconds.

With over 331.4k views, nearly 4k likes and hundreds of comments - many have rushed to the comment sections to share their reactions to the hack.

Some were totally amazed at the life-changing trick: "I never seen this before and I’m going to be cutting an iceberg shortly! I’m trying this!"

Hundreds have rushed to the comment sections to share their reactions.

"Thanks for sharing now I'm (going to) have to try!" commented a second.

However, others weren't as blown away: "I've been doing this for years. People just finding out this out now is sad lol."

"I've done that for as long as I can remember," chimed in another.

Some even offered up a life hack for the life hack, with one TikTok user suggesting: "Keep that piece and put it in water.. it will grow more lettuce!"

Some even offered up a life hack for the life hack.

A few, however, pointed out some flaws to the otherwise seemingly faultless lettuce hack.

"It rots quicker too," commented one person.

A second agreed: "Not going to lie, I just trim the core as I use the lettuce, keeping it fresh."

In support of the vegetable hack, someone totally changed up the game by taking the hack one step further, recounting: "My friend did the same with cauliflower," to which the TikTok creator responded: "Oh nice, I didn’t know about the cauliflower."

Featured Image Credit: @ocwarrior19/TikTok

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