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Woman says she cuts excess off food at the supermarket before weighing and paying

Woman says she cuts excess off food at the supermarket before weighing and paying

A woman has divided opinions on TikTok regarding what she goes with excess food at the supermarket.

A TikToker has divided opinion after she revealed she cuts off the excess produce on food at the supermarket before weighing and paying for it.

The user who goes by the name of Meia (mimicarter81) posted a video to the social media platform showing two broccoli stems she had cut off the main vegetable. Watch it below:

While placing them back in the produce, Meia says: "I am not paying for these - I'm going to pay for what I am going to eat."

At the time of writing, the video has over 5.2 million views on TikTok, 158k likes and over 9k comments.

From that video, Mei received a lot of negative comments from viewers, with some even calling her a 'cheapskate'.

Another added: "Just throw the stalks back in there for everyone else to wade through and some employee to clean up. No matter as long as you save your 12 cents."

And a third jokingly said: "Glad she wasn't buying what a mess that would been..."

The TikToker showed what she does to excess off broccoli.
@mimicarter81/ TikTok

Meia did a follow-up video to that original explaining how she cuts and pays for the produce in the supermarket.

Back in the comfort of her own home, she explains that the broccoli stem would need to be about 2 inches for her to cut it - adding that if they are longer than that it can be harder to cut.

When she goes to the supermarket, Meia typically takes a pocket knife with her so she can cut the excess produce.

And as we saw in the original video, she says that she leaves the stems at the supermarket as she 'don't need it'.

If this was supposed to reduce the backlash from the original video, then that hasn't exactly worked.

Meia did a follow-up video on the broccoli, too.
@mimicarter81/ TikTok

In this follow-up Meia received more criticism from viewers about her supermarket ways in the comments.

Someone jokingly added: "you also leave them banana peels at the store too, let me guess you also leave the water bottles cuz you only need the water."

However, there were some TikTok users that thought Meia's cutting broccoli technique was a good idea.

"I don't know why I never thought of this," one person said.

And a second added: "Ha... been doing that for years."

Featured Image Credit: @mimicarter81/ TikTok

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