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Wetherspoons Customers Are Now Taking The Temperature Of Their Chips

Wetherspoons Customers Are Now Taking The Temperature Of Their Chips

This is new extremes!

Wetherspoons fans are taking food reviewing to new extremes by testing the temperature of the pub chain's chips using a digital thermometer.

Robert Featherstone visited a Wetherspoon pub in Nottinghamshire earlier this week, ready to test both the temperature and length of each chip.

Robert tested two bowls of chips (
Deadline News)

In hilarious photos, Robert can be seen holding the white and blue thermometer with the metal probe stuck inside a chip and a reading of 68.4°C.

Robert concluded that the chips were of an acceptable temperature, although one was a little lower at 42°C.

Sharing his chip review on Facebook, Robert wrote: “Order: 2 Bowls Of Chips. Tale Of The Tape:

“Bowl 1: 36 Chips with 2 stragglers, high 65.3°C, low 42.0°C, longest 12cm, shortest 3.5cm.

“Bowl 2: 39 Chips with 3 stragglers, high 68.4°C, low 57.2°C, longest 13.3cm, shortest 3.1cm.

“The Verdict: after seeing some of our comrades' outings we were preparing ourselves for the worst, however we were pleasantly surprised when two reasonable portions of golden goodies were plonked down in front of us. A strong start."

He took the temperature of each chip (
Deadline News)

He continued: “Bowl 1 contained an absolutely baltic offering, the chip in question being 42°C.

“Might as well have ordered the ice cream.

“Perfection? I think not. 

“As I ate I couldn't help but notice a slight fishy taste to them, as if they used the same oil or utensils for the ‘Freshly Battered Cod’.”

Robert wrote the review on Facebook (
Deadline News)

The review comes after a Wetherspoons Facebook group went viral, following customers spending hours testing the length of chips in different pubs.

And other social media users have been finding it hilarious, with one person writing: “Wow, brief description of the chips, more info needed next time.”

While another said: “A quick probe in Wetherspoons has never been so scientific.”

And a third added: “Can we do a pH test too.”

“I cannot cope with the dedication," wrote a fourth.

Well done Robert, that is some serious commitment to good chips!

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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