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How to make pancakes using just one simple ingredient

How to make pancakes using just one simple ingredient

Fluffy, rounded and warming pancakes using just one ingredient? Yes, please

Fluffy, rounded and warming pancakes using just one ingredient? Yes, please.

If you'd forgotten it's Pancake Day tomorrow (Tuesday, 19 February) then fret not, because an unlikely tin of legume could save you a frantic dash to the supermarkets.

And you only need one ingredient to fulfil your Shrove Tuesday dreams of maple syrup smothered, Nutella filled, strawberry covered pancake goodness. Prepare for your mind to be blown:

An Instagram food account named Lentily Unhinged took to the platform to share their find with followers.

They wrote: "ONE INGREDIENT PANCAKES !? Guys i’m not being funny but i haven’t had a pancake that tasted so good in years. There is quite literally one golden ingredient (two if you count water) and 0 faff and it creates the best looking, best tasting pancakes ever."

The user teased the ingredient is 'one that pretty much everyone should have lurking in the back end of a random cupboard' which is 'relatively cheap, and often overlooked'.

Yes, you can make pancakes with only one ingredient.
@lentily_unhinged/ Instagram

The magic ingredient? A tin of red lentils.

But what do you do with the legume to turn it into a fluffy, puffy layer-able mountain of goodness which can be lathered in sugar and lemon or bacon and sausage if you like something a bit more savoury?

Lentily Unhinged continues: "You put the ingredient in a blender with a bit of water, juzsh it up, and bam. you’re done. Pour into a pan as you would normal pancake batter, cook each side for a few minutes, and you’re done. ENJOY!"

Social media users have flooded to the post in praise of the food blogger's find.

One said: "Very clever and very unexpected to be honest."

"Wow this looks amazing !! I think i’ve guessed what the ingredient is but i won’t ruin it in the comments :)) keep cooking good looking," another wrote.

A third commented: "Yes please."

Yes, pancakes made from lentils, you read that right.
Xavier Pesquet/ Alamy Stock Photo

According to another food blogger who tried out the one-ingredient recipe, naming the creation a 'red lentil tortilla,' the pancakes are 'high in protein and high in fiber' too.

Compared to Lentily Unhinged, blogger Power Hungry used red lentils to create a thinner end result of a 'tortilla' opposed to a crepe or pancake.

Power Hungry writes: "I am crazy about these tortillas. Their flavor is a cross between a corn and a flour tortilla, which tastes delicious and delectable with any topping or filling (savory or sweet) you can imagine.

"They are tender, too. Despite having no added oil, they are very pliable, so bend, fold or roll them for tacos, wraps, roll-ups, enchiladas and more. They are hearty, to boot: these are not crepes posing as tortillas, they pass California and Tex-Mex muster as true tortillas."

So, whether you're a more savoury or sweet person or prefer a pancake to a tortilla, why not whip out a tin of lentils and save some money and time this Pancake Day?

Featured Image Credit: @lentily_unhinged/Instagram

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