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Tyla Bakes: These Rainbow Crepes Are The Prettiest Things You'll Ever Make

Tyla Bakes: These Rainbow Crepes Are The Prettiest Things You'll Ever Make

How long 'til Pancake Tuesday?

Okay, so not to be dramatic, but we've just found the prettiest recipe ever and you absolutely have to try it.

These rainbow crepes are taking TikTok by storm, with countless creators making their own colourful concoctions.

Watch how it's done here!

The few who haven't yet tried out the trend are rushing to the comments section to discuss the undeniable beauty of these rainbow stacks.

"This looks so freaking good 🤤🤤" commented one viewer.

"Look at those colours" noted another.

These pancake stacks look almost too good to eat. (

A third TikTok user begged: "Damn that looks good save me some😫"

"Gonna go make some crepes now 😍" added another.

We're going to have to agree with the masses on this one... our mouths are already watering.

To make a start on your rainbow crepes, you'll need enough pancake batter to make a serious stack.

That will involve four medium eggs, 280g of flour, approximately 400ml of milk, and about 50g of unsalted butter. Some recipes call for baking powder, oil or salt in the pancake batter, but best to just go with whatever you normally use in your pancake mix.

Next is the fun part. You'll need a number of different food colourings (red, orange, yellow, green, blue - whatever colours you would like your rainbow to be!) and a different bowl for each food colouring.

You'll need a number of different food colourings for this recipe. (

Divide your pancake batter evenly among the bowls, and mix a different food colouring into each one.

Grease your frying pan and cook your crepes! Starting with whatever colour you want the bottom of your rainbow crepe stack to be, and working your way up.

When your crepes are cooked through, it's time to make your filling.

For the filling, simply mix together about 450ml of heavy cream and 60g of icing sugar.

Finally, create your tower, separating each individual crepe with your cream filling until your multi-coloured stack of mouth-watering goodness is piled high.

Some creators even take their crepe cakes a step further, covering the entire outside in icing, so that the beautiful rainbow layers reveal themselves when you cut out a slice.

It looks like we're celebrating Pancake Tuesday early this year!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok

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