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Woman Shares Simple Hack To Stop Your Pots From Boiling Over

Gregory Robinson

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Woman Shares Simple Hack To Stop Your Pots From Boiling Over

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@shawntucker.realestate

A classic kitchen mishap we've all experienced is looking at the stove to see the pot boiling over. Thankfully, a TikTok user has enlightened us with a smart hack to stop this from happening.

Watch the video below:


This quick and easy hack involves rubbing cooking oil on the inside rim of the pot.

Typically you should avoid adding oil to your boiling water. When making pasta, a popular myth you may have heard suggests adding oil to the pasta water will prevent the pot from boiling over, however this could actually prevent your pasta sauce from sticking to the pasta.

However, adding a little bit to the rim of the pot to prevent boilover as seen in the TikTok should be fine.

Michael Easton, the owner of Il Corvo Pasta in Seattle, US, explained the science behind this kitchen hack. Cooking oil interrupts the surface tension of the boiling water, which prevents it from foaming and boiling over.

No more boilovers! (Credit: Alamy)
No more boilovers! (Credit: Alamy)

This is because oil is made of hydrophobic molecules – this means it repels water.

Content creator Shawn Tucker, who posts on TikTok as @shawntucker.realestate, said the hack helped to 'save his stovetop' by prevent spillages.

One grateful TikTok user replied: “Learn something new every day! Love this – hate boil-overs – so messy on a flat top!”

Another person wrote: “This actually just may work!! The science is there, oil is hydrophobic so the water in theory shouldn’t spill over."

A TikTok user shared the clever hack and people are loving it. (Credit: Alamy)
A TikTok user shared the clever hack and people are loving it. (Credit: Alamy)

A third shocked person wrote: “Really? I'm trying it,” while another enthusiastic TikToker added: “Gonna try tonight.”

In related food-hack news, a woman has shared a genius way to 'revive' stale bread.

Food vlogger and school teacher Katie Lolas, from Sydney, Australia, shared her quick and simple tip for stale bread.

Katie clarified on Instagram: "I’m talking other than using it for breadcrumbs, French toast or freezing it. Yes. You. Can."

You can watch Katie's hack here.

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Gregory Robinson
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