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People left furious after spotting Easter Eggs already out in supermarkets

Harley Young

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People left furious after spotting Easter Eggs already out in supermarkets

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/FAMILY LOWDOWN TIPS & IDEAS Twitter/UnderTheRadars_

As most of us are still eating our way through the Christmas leftovers and sweet treats in our cupboards, some shoppers were shocked to find that bargains weren't the only things that they were greeted by on the Boxing Day shelves.

With 102 days still to go until the next Easter Sunday, it's definitely not the holiday at the forefront of anyone's mind, especially so soon after Christmas.

So imagine how surprised some shoppers were to find the shelves filled with chocolate eggs.

One shopper found Easter eggs on the shelves. Credit: Twitter
One shopper found Easter eggs on the shelves. Credit: Twitter

Morrisons, Tesco and Co-op were amongst the supermarket chains that have caused uproar by stocking Easter eggs with over three months to go before the Easter season.

Shoppers stumbled upon aisles full of classic Easter treats including Mini Eggs, Lindt Bunnies and Galaxy Eggs.

One customer apparently even found Cadbury eggs and a Creme Egg display with a two-for-£1 offer on in Canterbury.

One person took to Twitter to write: "Don't worry folks! To make sure you don't miss the next big event, shops have started stocking easter treats and goodies. Nice one @Morrisons. We were beginning to panic that you'd forgotten!"

Another shared a photo of a full shelf of Easter chocolate, writing: "There you go people, Morrisons selling Easter eggs on boxing day."

More shoppers have commented on Morrison's preemptive shelf-stacking, with one saying: "Morrisons having their Easter eggs out today really has made my day," with another adding: "Morrisons in Neath starting early with the Easter chocolate race..."

Credit: Twitter
Credit: Twitter

Although some people aren't too impressed with this sales tactic, with one Twitter user retorting: "What has the world come to?" whilst another less-than-impressed shopper said "Went into a local supermarket today (December 26th, Boxing Day) to see the F***ing Easter Egg’s out already…".

Though store merchandisers may have had good intentions to help everyone plan ahead for the next big gifting holiday event in the calendar, this forward planning wasn't all that well received.

One person said it felt like someone was 'wishing all our lives away' and asking 'what happened to the trend of mindfulness and living in the moment?'.

While another called the whole thing 'beyond a joke'.

They said: "It's still Christmas in my mind, let us have our moment before you ram Easter down our throats."

However, one person believes they might know the reason behind the unusual items, explaining that supermarket deliveries for Easter can arrive as early as the middle of December.

They wrote: "I did some HGV driving for them 2 years ago - we were delivering Easter eggs to store mid December so I guess you'll be fine."

It's safe to say that some shoppers may be adding to their chocolate pile a little earlier this year.

Harley Young
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