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People are just realising the correct way to use a stock cube

People are just realising the correct way to use a stock cube

It turns out you don't have to get stock all over your fingers

Sometimes it's hard to believe how far you can make it in life without knowing simple and seemingly obvious things, but one woman's revelation about stock cubes proves it's something we all experience.

Stock cubes are one of those things that you never really see the use of when you're younger, when all you care about making is a well-buttered piece of toast or a steaming dish of pesto pasta.

As you get older though, the wonder of the stock cube really becomes apparent, and many people find themselves using them in all sorts of dishes, from slow-cooker stews, to soups, to the all-important gravy on a Sunday roast.

Alright, I'm definitely showing my age, but the point is it's useful to know how to open a stock cube.

The compressed little squares of vegetables, extracts and flavourings aren't the easiest things to master, and ripping away the wrapper can often leave you getting covered in stock as you attempt to crumble it between your fingers.

As it turns out though, there is an easier way to use certain stock cubes; specifically those that come in a sealed wrapper.

The cubes can be crushed into sachets.

In a post on her foodie account, TikToker @cherrycooks admitted that she was 'today years old' when she realised a simpler way to use Oxo stock cubes.

"Am I the only one that didn't know that this [cube] turns into this [sachet]?," she asked her followers in the video.

Cherry demonstrated how the foil around the cubes of stock can be peeled away at the corners, after which you're apparently meant to crush the stock cube while it's still contained inside the packet.

The TikToker advised not to push too hard so you don't make holes in the wrapping but revealed at the end a perfect sachet full of now-crushed stock, ready to be opened at the corner and poured easily into whatever dish you happen to be creating.

Stock can easily be poured from the sachets.

Cherry then posted a follow-up video showing the stock easily flowing out of the sachet, leaving many formerly clueless viewers entirely baffled.

After watching the video, one person responded: "At the age of 51, I did not know this."

Another commented: "no way! thank u very much I did not kno [sic] this."

Some TikTokers, and myself, have questioned why the cubes weren't packed in sachets in the first place, but maybe Oxo just likes to make things a bit more interactive.

Whatever the reason, may you never struggle with a crumbly stock cube again.

Featured Image Credit: @cherrycooks/TikTok

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