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Woman shares money-saving hack for cooking pasta but divides opinions

Woman shares money-saving hack for cooking pasta but divides opinions

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Pasta can be tricky to get just right - cook it too long and it's too soggy, but if you don't cook it for long enough, it can be a little bit too al dente.

Now, one foodie expert on Instagram has revealed a trick to cooking pasta sustainably, and she says it doesn't impact the taste or texture at all.

How do you cook your pasta?
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Monique, who goes by @ambitiouskitchen on Instagram, explained there's a really easy way to cook your pasta, and it could save you money too.

"Sustainability tip! did you know you can conserve energy when you’re making pasta?!" says Monique in the caption.

"After boiling your water, let the pasta cook with the heat on for 2 minutes, then with the heat off, covered, for 10. and voila! perfect pasta every time."

In the video, Monique demonstrates how you don't actually need to have the hob on for the whole cooking time.

"I just learned the coolest energy conservation tip for making pasta," she said.

"So you're going to cook your pasta in boiling water for two minutes. Then you'll turn the heat off, cover it and let it sit for 10 minutes.

"Then your pasta will be perfectly cooked every single time."

Despite the handy technique, some users on Instagram were divided over the idea.

One person wrote: "Been doing this for years!! Works for all pasta! Just adjust time sitting in water!!"

While another said: "Yes!! I always do this!! I always let it boil and then turned off the burner. It still stays so hot for at least 10-15 mins."

And a third added: "I do the same thing for boiling eggs! They turn out way better too. You put them in the cold water, cover, and bring it all to a boil together. then, let sit for 15 minutes."

Meanwhile a fourth commented: "LOVE that! good for the tastebuds and the environment."

Monique shared the pasta trick on Instagram.

Others were less convinced however, with another adding: "Not all pasta cooks in the same time frame…awful advice for making good pasta."

And a second said: "Or just cook your pasta in a pan and use a fraction of the water to cook it… then you have pasta water to thicken the sauce and it cooks 5x faster than boiling a pot of water."

While a third added: "That’s not true. Some turn out Al dente, some not."

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Featured Image Credit: @ambitiouskitchen/Instagram

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