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Coca-Cola is releasing a new flavour today that's their boldest yet

Coca-Cola is releasing a new flavour today that's their boldest yet

The infamous beverage company has switched up the game with an all-new addition

Just when you thought you'd seen just about every way Coca-Cola could reinvent themselves, the fizzy drink company have gone and done it once again.

They've released a brand-new flavour just today (February 10) and have seriously hyped up the latest addition, teaming up with Grammy award-winning singer Rosalìa to promote their 'boldest flavour' yet.

Of course, Coca-Cola is no stranger to limited-edition drops, occasion-themed packaging and customisation galore.

From their personalised name cans to their space-themed drinks - it's fair to say that these guys know how to keep things interesting.

Remixing their OG recipe from way back in 1886, Coca-Cola Creations have just announced their latest launch - the 'Coca-Cola Movement'.

According to an official press release, this new flavour is set to be the 'boldest' and 'edgiest' yet.

"Coca-Cola Movement' will be the first limited-edition flavour of the year and is said to have been inspired by Rosalìa's 'spirit of transformation through music," the press release reads.

"The drink’s unique taste pushes the limits more than any other Creation drop to date."

Promising to be unlike any other 'familiar Coke taste' they know, the release also tells Coke fans that the flavour has evolved in a 'surprising way'.

And it turns out the new flavour has actually acted as a muse for Rosalìa's next exclusive single - 'Lie Like You Love Me'.

Rosalìa, a self-professed 'longtime Coca-Cola fan', explained her excitement following the all-new collaboration.

"I’m excited to co-create a drink that encapsulates my unfolding journey across music, fashion, and other passions, along with a new song that I wrote to accompany this launch," she said.

Calling the collab an 'honour', Rosalìa added that she wants to continue inspiring others to 'push the limits' and explore 'new expressions' of themselves.

Rosalìa has partnered with Coca-Cola for their new flavour.

Much to many eager pop-sippers' dismay, the company has not yet revealed the exact flavour profile of Coca-Cola Movement.

However, we do know a little bit about the all-new swish packaging.

A contrast colour palette of 'vibrant pink' and 'minimalist black' will grace the curves of the limited-edition can.

With a tech perspective in mind, people can scan a QR code on the can to get access to a whole load of extra content from the singer.

From behind-the-scenes footage to a playlist and a personality quiz that helps create a 3D avatar - it's clear that this can is offering an experience like no other can has before.

The launch is now the fourth of the Coca-Cola Creations line. Before it came GB; Intergalactic, inspired by space, Mello The Feeling in collaboration with music artist Marshmello and Dreamworld, inspired by the 'infinite possibilities' of our dreams.

Coca-Cola Movement is now available to buy in selected supermarkets in the UK.

Featured Image Credit: Coca-Cola / Reddit

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