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Terrifying footage shows woman being spiked on camera in new Channel 4 documentary

Terrifying footage shows woman being spiked on camera in new Channel 4 documentary

She said she has never felt 'so out of it' in her life, struggling to walk without holding onto a wall

Terrifying footage shows a woman being spiked on camera as part of a new Channel 4 documentary, amid new research finding that the crime is on the rise across the UK.

Watch the clip below:

Untold: The Truth About Spiking sees reporter and radio presenter Daisy Maskell delve into the murky world of drug spiking incidents - meeting with victims, lawyers, and the police to find what more can be done to stamp it out.

Citing Freedom of Information data, the documentary highlights how drug spiking incidents reported to the police have gone up five times in the last five years, while the percentage of reports that are investigated and lead to a criminal charge has dropped dramatically from 4 percent in 2018 to just 0.23 percent last year.

New research found that the crime is on the rise across the UK.
Channel 4

Daisy meets victims whose lives have been shattered after being spiked – none of whom have seen their attacker brought to justice.

Shockingly, she even gets spiked herself at one point to find out just how it feels when a powerful drug is added to your drink without your knowledge.

“If I can show people what it might look like if you or your friend have been spiked, maybe more people will come forward, maybe more people will be believed, maybe we can prevent people from getting hurt, and find out whether the law is strong enough to stop this,” she said.

A clip from Channel 4 shows the moment Daisy is spiked in a ‘carefully controlled experiment’, with doctors watching along behind the scenes as something is slipped into her drink.

Channel 4

“Celia has just spiked my drink,” Daisy explains in the voiceover.

“I haven’t noticed anything yet, but the drug isa bout to kick in.”

She tells the people in the room that she suddenly feels a ‘big difference’, with one person commenting on how the colour from her face seems to have drained.

“I almost felt that,” Daisy says.

“I kind of felt that, like, tingling.”

Experts then assess the effects of the drug on Daisy’s body, as she struggles to walk in a straight line without holding onto the wall.

Daisy felt so 'out of it', she struggled to walk in a straight line.
Channel 4

“I actually don’t think I’ve ever felt as out of it as I feel right now, in terms of feeling so out of my body, and so detached and detached from reality,” she explains.

“I am not in control of my body at all. And if I was not in the situation that I’m in right now, I would be very, very vulnerable.”

Channel 4

Throughout the documentary, Daisy also explores how little the licensing authorities are doing to try to crack down on this hidden crime, with a Home Office spokesperson telling Untold: “Spiking is an abhorrent act that is already illegal and anyone who commits this crime faces up to ten years behind bars.

“[…] There has been a delay to the publication of the statutory report. We aim to publish this later in the Autumn.

“[…] We have invested [in] initiatives to tackle drink spiking, campaigns to raise awareness, and training for bar staff.

“[…] We have rolled out spiking-specific communications and campaign activity at summer music festivals and, currently, at universities across the UK.”

Untold: The Truth About Spiking is available to stream now on Channel 4.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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