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Celebrity Big Brother fans think they've worked out when Sharon Osbourne will leave house

Celebrity Big Brother fans think they've worked out when Sharon Osbourne will leave house

The X Factor red-head was rumoured to only be kept in the house for five days

We're only a week into the long-awaited return of Celebrity Big Brother, and viewers are still going wild over the gossip bombshells being dropped by contestant Sharon Osbourne.

Sadly, however, the former X Factor judge's days on the much-loved reality show are numbered...

Last week, The Sun reported that 71-year-old Sharon would only be entering the notorious Big Brother property for a short period of time, compared to her house-mates, who'd be residing there throughout the entirety of the series.

The publication alleged that the television star and ITV bosses had reached a '£500,000 deal' to enter the house 'for up to five days', after producers considered her fee to appear in the whole three-week series 'too expensive'.

"Bosses did all they could to get Sharon and finally reached a deal she’s happy with," the outlet claimed.

"Sharon will inject enough drama but without her original price tag that was just not feasible. Producers cannot wait to see her reunite with Louis and know that it will be TV gold."

And since then, Sharon has lived up to producers' expectations regarding the drama, having used the 9.00pm slot to drag her fellow big-name celebrities - including ex-X Factor pal Simon Cowell - through the mud.

Sharon has taken aim at several big name stars during the course of the show so far.

Last week, the mother-of-three began talking about the Hollywood name-droppers she just can't bear.

"When my friends talk about people they know or people they've met, we would always take the mick and say, 'Well if you drop the names, I'll pick them up'," she told pals Louis and Gary Goldsmith - the uncle of Kate Middleton.

"I'll tell you who does that, James Corden. He does that all the time," she went on, adding that he 'played the LA game' when he left the UK for the States.

"I go to him, 'I really like your shoes', and he goes, 'Yeah, Stella McCartney'. I'm like, I didn't ask you who made them, I just said I like your shoes," she went on.

Later in the week, she called fashion guru Anna Wintour the c-bomb, and accused singer Adele 'putting on' her accent and being 'fake'.

As mentioned - even more surprisingly - Sharon went as far as to hit out at her former friend Cowell.

While she and fellow ex-judge Louis were discussing The X Factor, the slammed the TV boss.

Could Sharon exit the show during tonight's elimination party?

"Somebody that dresses the same for probably three decades, you would say they don't see that it's not right," she said. But yet nobody's gonna tell him."

So, with all this carnage and chaos, it's no surprise that viewers are saddened to hear that Sharon will be leaving the show early.

And on the subject of her departure, a small group of fans believe they've worked out exactly when she'll be bidding adieu to the Big Brother house.

Being that she's already outlived The Sun's prediction for her exit, some believe she'll leave the show during tonight's (Tuesday 12 March) eviction, which is currently under the guise of a house-party, taking place just ten days before the show's grand finale.

"From the party going on, we can take it that they passed the 'You're Gonna Be a Star' task, or it might be Sharon's leaving do," one penned on social media.

Another suggested: "party for Sharon's last night maybe?"

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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