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Vanessa Feltz hits back at Celebs Go Dating producers for making her look 'rude'

Vanessa Feltz hits back at Celebs Go Dating producers for making her look 'rude'

The broadcaster has responded to the backlash following her recent appearance on the dating show

Vanessa Feltz has responded to the backlash she received following her 'rude' appearance on Celebs Go Dating.

The TalkTV host, 61, is currently starring in the E4 dating show but her 'edited' on-screen behaviour has been slammed by viewers.

Take a look at the cringeworthy scenes below:

In a recent episode, one of her dates got off to a terrible start from the get-go.

The TV personality was unimpressed when her date Richard began speaking about his love of football.

"Yeah I mean, twenty-one years ago, we were still in the second division," Richard said of his favourite sports team.

Feltz, who was looking down at her phone, did not respond as she continued scrolling at the dinner table.

After the awkward silence, she said: "Congratulations," while not making any eye contact with her date.

Celebs Go Dating viewers were stunned after Vanessa Feltz 'rudely' stormed off from her 'boring' date.
Channel 4

"Do you follow football at all?" asked Richard, to which Feltz brutally replied: "Not at all, absolutely not."

She told viewers afterwards: "I've completely glazed over. I'm thinking 'have I defrosted the freezer', 'should I get round to lagging the loft', and 'how soon can I go to bed?'"

Back to the date, Richard attempts to keep the convo going by asking: "What sort of man are you looking for?"

Feltz then replied: "I don't really know, someone nice, someone fun. Someone exciting and dynamic."

He was then brave enough to ask the burning question: "Do I fit into that category?"

Instead of getting an answer, Feltz got up and left without finishing her meal.

She shook his hand, sarcastically adding: "Lots of love, thank you so much."

She make a swift exit from her date.
Channel 4

The broadcaster later ranted to the camera: "There was no spark whatsoever. I don't think we had anything in common at all.

"Nothing, nothing, nothing. Zero, ziltch..."

Some viewers were shocked with her antics on Celebs Go Dating, with one person tweeting: "I have always liked Vanessa but that was cruel.

"He may not have been the man for her but it was nasty to leave half way through the meal."

A second added: "Are you kidding me that's so so rude. OK you might not be interested in footy, but don't go on your phone ffs."

Vanessa has hit back at Celebs Go Dating producers for making her look 'rude'.

However, during an appearance on This Morning today (4 September) - which was Holly Willoughby's first show back after a break - Vanessa slammed the producers of the dating show for the way the programme was edited.

She said: "The bit that they use are always when I'm like 'ahhhhh' or swearing my head off of course.

"What really happened was that the chief exec came over and said I've been called into work, there's a breaking news story.

"I looked at my phone to confirm it, I wasn't staring at my phone all through the date, that would be terribly rude.

"I look at my phone and said 'I'm so sorry, I have to go into work there's a big story'.

"Of course they didn't show that bit. They make it look like I've stormed out when he's mid-chew. Even when I watched it back I thought that looks so rude, but it wasn't how it happened."

Vanessa continued: "But on the other hand I'm a veteran of reality TV, I should know how these things are. It isn't how it felt, it isn't how it happened.

"But it's light hearted, I just wanted to get back on the saddle. It's always a bit pathetic when you say it after, of course."

Tyla has contacted Channel 4 for comment.

Featured Image Credit: ITV/Channel 4

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